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1 Year of BackPunch

The 25th of May. Same day last year, an idea was executed. BackPunch was born. Lives changed with just a few drops, a few Drops of Joy. People cried, laughed, some lives changed, some went motivated and some like me live with bundles of optimism and look forward to the next day with more hope. Some debated over the title Let’s Get Raped. Some could relate with The Thinking Diva. Some also prayed for The Unprotected Child.

And now through BackPunch I am back to writing after a hiatus of more than 6 years.

All I have seen is readers express their thoughts on the many posts here on BackPunch. Here is a compilation of thoughts of some close friends and colleagues of Mr. Punch. I also received a good amount of contributions from our regular readers which they have agreed to paste in the comments field below the post.

Contributions have been arranged chronologically:



Aditi Bhand

Since BackPunch completes a year this month, I thought of writing a little about its birth, its journey and the effects it has had on my life.

BackPunch, an idea conceived by Gokul, started with ‘www.nairgoks.blogspot.in’, aimed at, to put it very crudely, making this world a better place to live in. The posts are inspired by day-today events taking place in each one of our lives. After it became an independent domain, it has become this small sphere of influence, touching many hearts in India and in the other continents. I’m sure like me, all of you’ll too, relate to the characters in the posts. The beauty of each character is, that in one post, you can relate with Tantra and in the other, with Roy. We all have Nihars and Tuffys to deal with in our lives and the posts do provide a certain solution to them. I have come across people reading the ‘Drops of Joy’ series (my personal favourite) when they are low, only to get back stronger.

The blog caters to almost all the delicate topics of our society and Gokul has done a brilliant job by discussing them with ease and elegance. Having followed both ‘www.nairgoks.blogspot.in’ and the current blog since the beginning, there has been a marked improvement in the style, language so also the issues that are being handled. This is the technical part. Apart from the fact that Gokul is a gifted writer, I admire the subtlety and the grace with which he discusses issues related to women, they being the most sensitive. He has taken criticism positively, only to improve in the subsequent posts he puts up.

I share Gokul’s view on most of the topics taken up and he has become a source of inspiration to me through Tantra and Roy. His posts end up leaving a smile on your face, or light a spark in you to get up and knock on the doors of NGOs right away. So the next time you see a child being harassed or a woman being ill-treated, get up and stand for them. Do your bit as Gokul is doing his!

I wish BackPunch a very happy birthday and many many more to come!! Let the next chapter in your and our lives begin!! Keep inspiring and spreading those drops of joy!!



(The person who wrote HAPPY JOURNEY )

Hearty congratulations to BackPunch for completing its first anniversary I am sure this is just a small landmark achievement and there are many miles to go. I have been closely associated with BackPunch from the beginning. I have criticized many of the articles. I always felt that the author can achieve far more and always wanted him to try different styles of writing. Nevertheless today it has completed its first year.

So what is BackPunch, BackPunch for me is a daily dose of goodness. It redefines positivity. In today’s world where we all are surrounded by enormous negativityBackPunch delivers a great punch of hope. Even though it will show us the ugly side of life, however as we all wait eagerly to get to the end of the story an optimism arises in our heart. And that is what BackPunch is, as the name suggests it will hit you hard sometimes but in the end it will always leave a smile on your face. Over a year BackPunch has covered many topics from drugs, safe sex, the psycho series et al. It has also given other writer like me a platform to express and outsell in front of the world.

So I will take this opportunity again to thank BackPunch for injecting positivity in us and also giving us a great platform. Wishing you loads of success.

God bless 🙂


Smita Chauhan

(The person who wrote Dear Dad)

I would like to express my gratitude to Goks, my dear friend for touching our hearts with such aesthetic literature. The literature which is just getting better with time. The beauty of his work lies in his words, the messages they convey. The words are so subtle yet so powerful. The messages are so powerful that they inject you with positivity.

Thank you Goks for BackPunch, the guidance and the learnings.


Komal Vajirkar

I remember a day at work when a colleague told me about BackPunch and its founder. I thought of going through the website, saw a list of posts and randomly clicked on ‘Let’s Get Raped.’ In a matter of few minutes I realized that I could not resist myself from reading more. Every post is so beautifully compiled, thought upon and executed.

Gokul is certainly a born philanthropist. His concern and solicitousness inspires me to care and think upon the intense social issues and our mundane way of living.

Almost every post like The Thinking Diva, Marching Ahead, Let’s Get Raped, The Smoky Couple, Drops of Joy have given me cold shivers with their innate emotional climax. Sometimes while reading you get the feeling of going off track but the end compliments it to perfection.

Gokul, your compassionate writing, truly reflects your benevolence and concern towards humanity. This may sound like an overstatement to some, but if folks sign ontoBackPunch rather than wasting time on illogical social networking sites, our society will be a better place to live in.

BackPunch has wooed me through its simplicity and effortlessness. We all have complications in life but fail to look at it on a broader perspective. I would love to read books from you, Gokul. You have a long way to go. Lets embrace BackPunch and indulge ourselves into a substantial, realistic and positive approach in life.

Looking forward to injecting positivity and spreading the greatest possible joy with you..

Let’s Make a Difference!!

Let’s BackPunch!!



Mehul Dave

I was introduced to BackPunch by a colleague and I was kind of curious to read all about it and all that was on it, with the blogger being a real close friend (and I didn’t know he had a blog!).

And what started as a casual read during a 5 minute break from work, it went on to become a habit! Now along with the work tabs, I have a new tab opened for BackPunch.

The first article I read was ‘Let’s get Raped II!’ It was just impossible to not read it after reading the title. And there was no stopping me after that.

Gokul has that amazing talent of turning things around after making the reader believe that it is not going to end well! The twists are amazing! I always enjoy reading the posts. He has a gift for discussing daily interactions in truthful yet amusing ways. It seems I can always identify experiences in my own surroundings with those he describes. His articles help realize that our problems are typical, and we can solve them in constructive ways.

Please accept my thanks and congratulations on the success of BackPunch. We see so much of the negative side of life around us that it is refreshing to have a positive, upbeat report on the good things that are happening.

I think BackPunch is a great motivator for many who need a little extra push. Thank you and keep these good articles coming.

Wishing Backpunch a very happy birthday! God bless!


Sandeep Dubey

I have been following BackPunch for almost a year now and still feel amazed for the quality of things Goksman writes. I am a true fan of the LGR series and sometimes awestruck that how can a person be so creative in his imagination and portray the same through such blissful words. I should also mention about some awesome work of a few guest writers who have had the privilege of being featured on BackPunch. I hope you keep rocking the same way you have been for such a long time!

Best Wishes from one of your biggest fan.


Premkumar Pillai

Although not a regular reader (due to lack of time sad emoticon ), I have read quite a lot of stuff onBackPunch. Gokul writes on vivid topics or areas; and above all it touches the reader’s life in some way or the other; this makes BackPunch a league above others.  Being a cousin of Gokul, it’s been a moment of pride for me, seeing BackPunch complete a year; a very successful year rather. Here’s wishing BackPunch and the team, many more successfulyear.

Congratulations again!!! Keep Rocking Bro!!! :)


Vaibhav Jangde

It gives me immense pleasure to write about BackPunch. Perhaps talking about Tantra, Tuffy and Roy who played essential characters in all your writings have become like “off-beat movie actors”.

BackPunch had covered so far all the social and cultural issues, and had evoked various reactions from many readers.


Nishat Afroz Ahmed

Hey Goks, congratulations for completing 1 year of BackPunch. As you know I am not fond of books, novels or reading anything because I always consider those things boring and a waste of time. I still continue with the same mentality. But when I started reading your posts about Naxalites and prostitutes I started showing interest in reading but only towards your blog. I never thought that I will have such a talented friend with a sense of humour in my life. You started writing at a very young age and guess what, you succeeded, Bravo!

I have read all your posts on BackPunch and feel proud of myself. I couldn’t control myself from telling others about your blog. And all my friends love the way you write. You write short stories but in that you convey the message you have to give to our society.

I hope someday, you will meet your idol, Arundhati Roy. Best of luck for that. Keep on writing.


Happiness is BackPunch

Riddhi Jalan

(The person who sponsored BackPunch for the 1st year)

And that’s a year of BackPunch. Great going. I feel proud to be associated with Goksman’s brainchild since it’s inception. Life has been really good since BackPunchcame into my life. And Goksman you are the master of words.

From The Bombay Diaries to Not for Sale and the very stylish The Option Seeker all dwell in my mind like they have been a part of me. I am almost by heart with every word of The Thinking Diva Series.

All the best and Keep writing.

You truly define what India’s New Generation Writing is all about.


Sreerag Nair

BACKPUNCH“, just as its name, it always has a “punch” at the end which makes me and I guess all the other readers, always glued to the blog just like a bee is to flowers.BACKPUNCH has been too close to me and today with pride, I would say that I have beenone of the prime followers of this wonderful masterpiece right from its days of inception.

I am more than happy that BACKPUNCH has completed 1 year by touching many lives and the success it has gained to reach out towards so many followers from different parts of the globe. I congratulate Gokul or Goks (as I call him), my childhood buddy, on fulfilling his dreams on creating BACKPUNCH to spread  social awareness in the form of short and meaningful stories and also conclude it with a phrase that keeps the thoughts of the reader ringing.

Tantra, Nihar, Tuffy, Roy and all other characters are not just any characters, but one of us, and the situations they are in, occurs in our daily lives and our circle of living.

BACKPUNCH takes us through the daily nitty-gritties in the life of a common human being and makes us realise that we are people with sensitive emotions and huge responsibilities towards the world we live in.

Thank you BACKPUNCH, for such a remarkable journey until now. I will always be a passenger who will travel along and awaiting for my daily ‘punch‘.

Congratulations and Good Luck for the eternal road ahead, for this journey has just begun……….


Let’s BackPunch

Best Regards,

Catherine Xavier Xavier


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