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4000 Days of Sitting by the River

After a rather hectic week at work, woke up Saturday morning, kickstarted my bike and left.

Left on the bike to an aimless destination. All I knew was that I had to go sit by a water body.

The flowing water could help me ease my mind. I reached the banks of a river and saw her walk by.

She had kind of a grace. Coming from a classically rooted family that grace made me move.

Move in awe. I parked my bike to go sit by the river. I found my place. I looked at her walk towards her bike.

She leaned on her bike and swirled her keys between her fingers. Her fingers. Her fingers too were gracefully bent. The fingers pathed like a rainbow and sometimes like an ice dancer.

I had my mind opened, she’s going to come soon. I sat in the corner. She had got me high. I could see her big round eyes melt into mine. My fear of falling in love was shying away. Her lips brush against my hair. Her hair groomed across my face. I was moving. The ripples in her made me move. She moved. The earth moved. I trembled. She was leaving. I didn’t want her to look back. I wanted her to think of me when she was riding away. She wasn’t leaving town. She was leaving thoughts that were my own. My fear left.

Was she just another girl.

Except she wasn’t.

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8 thoughts on “4000 Days of Sitting by the River

  1. Riddhi

    Oh fuck off Mahn!!!!!!!!! Was so into it almost and she leaves town!! For heaven’s sales Mahn not this way at all!!!!!!!!!

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