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5000 Days of Sitting by the River

From a distance I saw her walk by, she had the grace of a classical dancer. I kept watching her from a distance.

Hey, she’s totally unaware of me adoring her. So it clearly cannot be classified as ogling. There were a few trees swaying in the background. She sat resting her back by one of the trees, staring.

Staring into oblivion.  By The River

Her eyes had a million stories. Yes, it had a million stories, only if I were a psychologist. All I knew was, her eyes had a fine sparkle. Not a teary eyed one. But a mystery laden one.

I smiled at the thought of my poetic objectification of her. She kept staring into oblivion with no movement whatsoever. She seemed to be in between a couple of bookends. I noticed this instant gratification in her slight curve.

The slight curve on her lips.

Maybe, for a change she wanted to get what she really craved for. Maybe, she never dreamt of anything in the past few days. I urged the Lord to give her the handful of wishes she begged for.

The gentle breeze slightly became a speedy wind. She half shut her eyes and continued staring. Those half shut eyes right there was a moving miracle. Her eyelids stuttered. Her eyelashes swung along with the wind. Her hair kept flying onto her face. As she pushed the hair away from her face, it blossomed.

A smile.

I sat by the flowing river looking right into the sky and up above there I saw the clouds make these transformations. Was I dreaming? I immediately looked at the other side of the river and I saw.

I saw her walk past. The same grace, pushing her hair and looking in the same direction. Those walking away footsteps had happiness.

I somewhat felt the clouds kept dancing to the tunes of her movements. They just wouldn’t stop moving. My mind kept racing. I looked back into the sky, the clouds vanished, the wind was softer than kind.

I turned around one last time to see her evanesce!

The next time, I’ll catch her as soon as the morning light explodes on her face much before the clouds dance away sketches on my mind.

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