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The four year old www.nairgoks.blogspot.in moved to an independent domain which is www.backpunch.in on 25/05/2013. This website is a socially driven place where thoughts and stories are picked up from the lives of Indians. Back Punch drives and promotes positivity and aims to transform or atleast inject optimism into the minds of it’s readers and also spread joy. Stories are picked up or contributed by a bunch of regular readers of www.nairgoks.blogspot.in. All the characters mentioned are fictional and any resemblance to people alive or dead is merely coincidental.


Gokul Nair:

Founder, Writer.

Loves writing in favour of the under-estimated and the under dogs. Has written a million anti-government ‘policies’ letters to the newspapers which never got published. Huge fan of Arundhati Roy. Ardent reader of Indian Writing. Has a penchant for journalism. Human Rights as a career and Dreams of heading the UNHRC some day. Currently co-writing a book on Death.
I eagerly wait for the feedback, both good and bad, will be approved and can be seen on the website immediately. Please do not be diplomatic with your opinions. Feel free to voice out if you hate the post or have a difference of opinion.




Aditi Bhand:

Contributor, Chief Critic.

A microbiologist by profession, Aditi has been amongst the oldest readers of the blog. Her contributions can be reflected in the posts which deliver a social message. She is a strong advocate of animal rights.


The below mentioned people may have given their contribution towards one or two posts but Back Punch considers the quality of that contributions over quantity.

Ameya Dusane:


A journalist by profession, Ameya has a penchant for advertising and is always in search for loneliness. He edits more than he actually writes. Both of us started blogging around the same time.



Dr. Komal Kokare:

Medical Advisor.

An Ayurvedic doctor by profession, Komal has played a major role in providing medical inputs in all those posts where required. She has been a silent critic since the erstwhile blogspot days. Although she works round the clock at a private hospital, She makes her contributions to the site count.


The other contributors are Ajith Aravind and Sreerag Nair, with their ideas and constructive criticism and also for the posts where their names have been mentioned as a courtesy. Let the contributions keep coming in. None of the stories/posts here have been copied in any manner. If any, the appropriate courtesy has been given.


COPYRIGHT: This site, www.backpunch.in, it’s logo and all posts on are written, managed and owned by Gokul Nair and no part of the blog can be copied or reproduced in any form be it the posts, the name or the logo. This is a free for all website so Back Punch requests all it’s visitors to highlight such incidents. Let good writing prosper only then will the reader live a thousand different lives.

Read. Share. Read.

23 thoughts on “About Back Punch

  1. Marcos Menezes

    This is real great news. Missed out on catching up with your blog but will start doing that shortly. Wow! Reminds me of the movement of thedelhiwalla.com. Good things happen to good people. Your posts are all great, there is always scope for improvement. There have been some negative posts as well so the positivity you mention is a little contradictory. That’s my little feedback. And it disturbs me that you haven’t mentioned your name anywhere. It’s good to have a pseudonym but people need to know who is behind this. Its really appreciated that that you mention all of your contributors names and not yours. Well you might have a reason. A gift awaits you in some time.
    Keep Writing.
    God Bless.

  2. Riddhi J

    There you go, saw this on twitter, kya goksman, atleast put in ur name. Well u r improving, some posts leave me speechless. Please write something on the lines of To Infinity, believe me you get a lot of female fans/readers. Tried to catch you on facebook but its too messy out there to find the correct account. Please keep sharing this so that you get the attention. And its good you write social stuff but something on the lines of those romantic stories you wrote were a welcome change. Great going goks, all the best and let the words prosper 🙂

  3. Dimitriy Garson

    There’s the man. The man who inspired a family. The RSS feed updates on your site are pretty strong. I got a feed alert as soon as you uploaded then it kept refreshing and I could see the changes you were making. Nice to see that. Anyways, all the best.

  4. Marcos Menezes

    This is something you really had to do. Show who you are! Better late than never and is this the same Mariam who had a debate with, i guess Sanskriti. Never thought she had been a contributor. Guess what, Sanskriti was fighting with the person who actually has a part in the creation of that series.

    1. Mariam Alex

      Hi ..Marcos,
      Thanks a ton for your interest in backpunch thanks a ton for being a well wisher..Well,the Psycho series,is simply a bit of Gokul Nair’s immense interest in identifying and understanding the most complicated thing in this universe called “human mind”..and I have not done much,but I am really happy and proud that I have also inspired him in some or the other way and that is how Psycho started growing to the successful and longest series of backpunch…Thanks a ton for liking Psycho series too..

      And yes,I am the same “Mariam” who had a steamy conversation with Sanskriti..That was simply because she misunderstood my words or the way i conveyed my thought about Psycho..

      But that was just a discussion,ofcourse not a debate…Thanks for remembering everything that happens here within and to Backpunch..!!Happy reading..Take Care

      1. Sanskriti Verma

        Hi Mariam Alex,
        Good to see that I had a difference of opinion with a contributor of the Psycho Series. I do not think we had a steamy conversation. It was just both of us had different opinions.

        1. Marcos

          Dear Sanskriti,
          Both of u werent diplomatic. Thats the best. Difference of opinions happens when u actually understand what the writer is trying to convey.
          Take care.

      2. Marcos

        Dear Mariam Alex,
        I am a reader, thats about it. During a conversation he did mention that Psycho is to be made into a 20 part series but we dont see any movement after the 10th one. Well he is rarely seen here other than the times he posts a story or a poem. Now that u are a contributor it would be great if u inform the status on the series.
        U have done much or not is your way of thinking but if u have managed to inspire or influence he will give the courtesy.
        Everything happening here shall be remembered cos thats what good and meaningful writing is all about.
        All the best.

        1. Back Punch Post author


          There won’t be a continuation of both The Psycho and The Thinking Diva. Instead we would be focussing on Drops of Joy, Let’s Get Raped and The Bombay Diaries from a series point of view and there are some undercover articles in the pipeline. One of our contributors is working really hard on that plus we will also be getting some inputs from Catherine Xavier.
          We are also introducing a readers’s discussion forum for regulars like you. It was up on the website yesterday but as it wasn’t appealing enough (creatively) we had to pull it down.
          So there are a lot of things happening in the background. Stay tuned.

          Stay Blessed,

  5. Riddhi Jalan

    Goksman! Khushi khushi! Finally saw the writer and the lady who gave birth to him. I’m sure it’s your mother. Loved the way u have given an introduction + photo courtesy to everyone. Really thoughtful of you.

  6. jits

    Though i know you from my childhood, this very page says, you are far more recognised than i thought. Good to see your readers’ faith and happiness on you revealing yourself, and loved the way you have done it. Now you must start replying back to all those well wishers. Keeping my words short heres something…..

    Quotes , poems, phrases , its too much,
    i must say how much i love back punch.

    They started calling you GGN and Goksman.
    will you be sometime a superman?

    But still, how do i say it to be.
    “Dukes” let that be between you and me.

    1. Back Punch Post author

      Good 1st poetic attempt. I am not trying to be Superman. If I manage to become someone who has had an impact on someone’s life through this blog, I’ll be more than content.

      Stay Blessed,

  7. Sanskriti Verma

    This page has been wonderfully arranged. There us some assurance in the site now. People now know who this Back Punch is. Good to introduce 3 of the major contributors. Your mother must feel so proud. Good that you revealed yourself to the readers.

  8. Purva Kumar

    Started reading Back Punch from Let’s Get Raped. Was kind of surprised when Mr. Kurien had some depressing statements against females and no one from the site reacted for some time but then you, Mr. Nair, gave an amazing response. Hence i decided I’ll stick to this site. Apt example of Practise before you Preach. Thanks for taking up topics which need attention and handling it with heart.

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