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How hard is it to appreciate someone? How hard? An applause is not appreciation. An applause doesn’t always include an acceptance to the laurels you have received hence it is just a half-felt appreciation with the noise of palms.

Just about recently the National Awards were announced and I came across various known and unknown faces on Facebook just not ready to accept nor appreciate the hard work done by some individuals. Obviously, people are entitled to their opinion but how hard is it to appreciate the determination put by someone in receiving the award.

Even in cricket when the opponent scores a century the rival team, maybe, claps but behind each of those claps lies an idea to dismiss him. No appreciation given.

Why be so heartless? A heartfelt appreciation goes a long way.

Let me talk about BackPunch. A prominent news channel had long listed this blog, a leading magazine had published a couple of articles but no one knows about this. Why? Because I am so damn sure that I would just get a wow or an Is It as a response.

I have a list of friends/acquaintances who may or may not know about BackPunch. May or may not have taken the link. May or may not have visited the website. May or may not have read through the blog. Some of them have never got back to me with a word of appreciation or critique.

Appreciating is an art.

The world is seriously short of artistes.

Read. Share. Read.

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|| BACK PUNCH | Injecting Positivity | Spreading Joy
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