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Finally the nation is awake. All of us have been trashing the government. All of us have been saying that the Congress will not come into power ever again. Six ruthless human beings killed a girl and atlast we are awake.
There is a girl from Suryanelli in Kerala who was raped by 42 men over 40 days when she was 16 years old. The case is finally in the Supreme Court. The girl is a woman now. Ostracized and isolated from society. When her parents go to the market or a religious place to pray for the speedy justice of their daughter, they are often called by passersby as ‘Suryanelli’s parents.’ Severely stigmatized.
That girl is 32. Still waiting for justice. Does it take a protest for the government to open its eyes?
Every time we travel in a train, how many times have we seen a handicapped beggar come over for alms! Probably like a million times. Saumya was travelling in one such train when a beggar tried to rob her after trespassing into a deserted ladies compartment. She resisted. Her head was smashed and thrown out of the running train. He didn’t stop there, he jumped out, brutally raped her whilst she lay in a pool of blood. She didn’t survive. He was awarded capital punishment but lawyers came all the way from Mumbai to represent this criminal. Further investigations revealed that such kind of a racket is operational from Panvel.
Govindachamy, the offender, paid Rs. 20 lakhs to his lawyer.
All that money he collected from begging came to the rescue.
All these girls are bravehearts. They Fought Back.
The other interesting thing we find is and is a rampant style is that of getting a girl drunk.
Take off her senses and then offend. No modest female would ever allow that.
An interesting incident happened down south when the public got hold of a rapist. The mob beat him up and damaged the so-called weapon which gave him the momentary pleasure. Furthermore the medical reports also confirmed that his private part was permanently damaged.
So here we have people who are ready to face the gallows or spend their entire lives languishing behind bars for that momentary pleasure.
And here is a system that absolutely doesn’t care about its women. And then there are people who blame the entire male community for offences like these.
Which males?
When a pimp forces a girl into prostitution to increase her business, no man blames the entire female community so when some ruthless criminals gangrape a girl, it doesn’t mean that the entire male community is at fault.
Both of us need to fight together.
The Indians are finally awake but the people who run this country have again gone back to sleep.
And let’s hope that the idiots do not take the thing out of their pants unnecessarily.
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