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Chick Flick

                                                A Natural Death

Nihar had friends coming over for lunch. He rushed to the neighbouring chicken store. Roy normally went to buy but as he was out of station, Nihar had to do the needful. A pleasant 9am Sunday. He reached the store and requested for a 2 kg live chicken. He had always heard about a feather removing machine which Roy stated but had never seen one. The butcher took out a hen from the coop, tied its wings and placed it on the weighing machine.


“Saab do kilo hai, chalega kya,” the butcher asked.

“Chalega,” he replied.


To his surprise the butcher threw the chicken into the feather removing machine.


It was still alive.


Nihar was taken aback. He could hear the screams of the dying chicken from inside the machine. He didn’t utter a word and left the store horrified without purchasing. The butcher failed to see him leave. He approached PETA through Tantra as she was an active member of the organization. One of the volunteers from PETA and another from the Animal Rights Group posing as customers visited the store to witness the same treatment again.


A show cause notice was issued and the store was shut down in a week’s time. Tantra then explained Nihar how these hens are bred. They are handicapped in such a way that these cannot walk and force fed just blow up. That’s what broilers are. Nihar didn’t move for a minute.


Tantra reminded Nihar of the days he had competitions to see who ate the maximum number of chicken legs. Nihar was sure if he would text any of his friends to “GO VEGAN” they would lash out at him laughing and immediately remind him of those days.


Nihar was in a dilemma. He wanted all of his friends to stop eating animals and protest against the cruelty. With help from Tantra and Roy, Nihar started an online website and started sharing videos citing animal cruelty and also shared them on social networking sites. It did leave an impact on some. He didn’t like approaching people and giving them gyaan (advice) when he himself was at fault once upon a time. He started off with his friends. Some totally went vegan but some didn’t budge. But he did leave a mark.


He purchased a chick and kept it as a pet. He captured the natural growth of the bird and showed it amongst his friends. The bird lived its complete life span and died a natural death. He uploaded the videos and garnered respect amongst his friends.


A live bird had given him that attention which he couldn’t manage to garner during several chicken eating competitions.


If a man shouldn’t die a dog’s death then let the chicken die a natural death and not by sacrificing its life to increase your fats.


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34 thoughts on “Chick Flick

  1. Catherine Xavier

    The Animal saviour now!! How many roles do you play!! Classic one!! This comes from the person who lives in the country which has given u KFC!!

  2. Keerthana

    Things like these have made me a vegan as well. ppl sometimes feel its not easy to write and change them but putting in such incidents can really make them run away. Brilliantly written.

  3. Shrinidhi Narawane

    Are u going to leave a territory untouched? I am a vegan but this surely reaffirms my faith of being a vegan. Good job there Nair. This can make an impact

  4. Bernadette Patrickson

    Chick Flick! Dude your titles!! Psychotic!! I mean the talent starts right from there. Chick Flick!! Wow!! Hats off for even coming u with this name and the content as always is significant.. 🙂

  5. Kamini Kamthe

    This doesn’t come out as a brilliant one but is certainly a thought provoking one. I commend you for picking up such topics and making them such a joy to read about.
    The ending is good enough, not great though. Not ripping you through but I don’t think so this can be written in an even better fashion. Good work Punch.

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