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Dear Dad

A Smita C. Original


When I think of you in this phase,

tears just start running down my face

Dear Dad
Since I am born we spent all the time together,

then why you left me alone in despair


You always showered love on me,

due to which I wedged to our relation like a bee


I always brawled with you,

that doesn’t mean I didn’t love you


Is this the punishment that you gave your spawn,

all my days now go in groan


You were so near oh dear,

now your absence I really can’t bear


Wish the good God sends you back on earth,

so we can spend all our moments in mirth


I know it cannot happen again,

but in my fond memories you will always remain…



(N.B.: This poem is an original written by Smita C.. She is more of a spontaneous creator hence, this, amongst her other works is equally emotive and filled with hopes. This work was created a decade ago and has now seen the light through backpunch.in. A request has been proposed to share more of her works. She is an avid reader of Edgar Allan Poe and Maya Angelou.)

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7 thoughts on “Dear Dad

  1. Riddhi J

    Really beautiful. Good this work came out, she has played with da rhymes very nicely with the emotions staying intact. Now if u have mentioned her name please Goksman, atleast now mention ur name on the site. Hope to see more guest posts. Would be great if SC comes with some.

  2. Sanskriti Verma

    Good read. Has a good flow. Its not necessary the ending of every word should rhyme but the words have been used in good fashion hence i could connect to the poem.
    @Admin aka Back Punch : please come up with a poem, I know it will be good. Obviously i would love to read more of the stories but a poem from you would be a welcome change.
    Hope to see more guest posts as well.

  3. Dimitriy Garsons

    Really really moving. I could clearly see the loss but in the end i thought there was too much of stress on the rhymes. Probably this person is a first time writer. Thats ok though. Good that you are giving them a chance to exhibit their talent. What happens is they get the exposure and then get a chance to move on but that’s only if they are interested in pursuing writing as a career! But in the end this is a good debut if she intends to write more. I just saw the number of facebook likes, i believe she might have shared it, you should do the same for your posts. You are just too low profile. Rather way too low profile. Kindly pass on my compliments to the lady behind this poem and just like the website let her write some positive poems as well.

    Now coming to you. When are you planning to complete that collaborative book on Death of yours? Its high time you have kept atleast the regular readers of your old blog waiting. God bless brother.


    Goks dude you are awesome, i cant believe i have a friend like you, who can write so well. ‘ DEAR DAD should be published in a school book.

  5. Marcos Menezes

    OK. This surprised me. Where do you find such people who have a penchant for writing?
    Did I like it? Obviously yes. Smita has very nicely shown the way she misses the presence of her dad.
    I sincerely think she should have steered away from the rhymes because the emotions are there and would have been there as this poem actually comes from the heart.
    Lastly it would have been great if you would have left your trademark ending in this poem as well. As mentioned earlier by the people who have commented.
    Convey my wishes to her.

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