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Drops of Joy 2

Walking down the beach holding a wrapped box made her wonder the life she lives now. She looked at the waves. She looked at how each wave wanted to be higher than the other. She looked at the people playing in the water and awaiting for the next big wave. She keenly observed how some of them were afraid of the big waves and went a step backward and how some of them fearlessly jumped towards the charging wave.
Far far away she saw a vessel (a ship) lying stagnant. She wondered about the life the people on that ship must be leading. Far away from their families. Looking at her endlessly stare at the vessel a kid came and touched her.
“Do you have anyone on that ship?” asked the kid.
Tantra nodded her head in the negative.
To this, the kid replied, ”Well you know my dad is on that, I may not be able to see him but he might be glaring in through a binocular to check on his little boy. So I come here daily to wave at him. He may well as may catch a glimpse.”
The kid waved at the stagnant vessel, stared at the box in Tantra’s hand and ran away.
Tantra was moved. She had to move on with her life. Her parents just died in a car accident. She didn’t go to see her parents’ burn down to ashes. Roy managed to collect the ashes in a pot, wrap it and give it to Tantra.
She just stood on the beach holding the ashes. It was almost a week and even after repeated requests from friends she failed to move on.
Perhaps the big waves and the kid might have made a difference.
She looked up and saw one cloud stand out.
She looked down.
She looked at her footprints on the sand.
She saw that whenever her left leg was behind it always wanted to overtake the right leg. She saw a fierce competition between her legs. The universe wanted her to move on.
Tantra saw her parents smile from above. In the form of a cloud. That finally made the difference.

So whatever be the problem, the Universe never wants you to moan and cry forever. Live your life, surpass the obstacles and watch out.
Someone somewhere always wants you to be happy.
It sometimes comes, even in the form of a Happy Cloud.
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|| BACK PUNCH | Injecting Positivity | Spreading Joy
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