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Drops of Joy 4

She walked down the road. A million thoughts. The pouring rain. The smell from the earth was so tempting that she felt like eating it. She had a sense of loneliness. She loved that though. There was also this emptiness which crawled into her life from nowhere.Tantra was drenched. 

She was sitting by the window, reading and had already gulped 4 cups of tea. Hence she went out. She went out of her flat. Exited her building.

Looked towards the crying sky. With blinking eyes. She allowed the water to go into her eyes. She loved that moment when she suddenly shut her eyes as soon as raindrops pierced through her eyes.
Water in its purest form. She spread her hands horizontally and stared into the clouds. The rain was in full flow.
Tantra saw a puddle of water about 100 meters from the place she was standing. There were about 4 kids playing in the puddle. Fresh water filled into the large pothole on a recently constructed road.
She played with the kids. Being one amongst them. They had fun in that rare form joy, the government could gift its citizens. She got up from the puddle. She didn’t care to wipe off the soiled part on her white kurti. 
She allowed the raindrops to once again fall into her eyes. What if, in a year’s time, it might just be acid rain from above, thanks to global warming?
She was just living the moment. A moment she wouldn’t allow to pass off so easily.
Tantra found joy in that raindrop which fell into her eye and hurt her eyeball. She couldn’t feel the same raindrop again. A new one fell into her eyes as soon as she stared again.
Every moment in our lives will have something we can cherish. It might be a raindrop, a puddle or just the crying sky. 
Break free.
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  1. Bernie Patrickson

    Fan for life Goks. Fan for life. The way you show how life can be just so easy and straightforward despite all the troubles is just so inspiring. I am no one to say this but you should be considered for one of those TED sessions where you can share these wonderful thoughts with people. A rather larger audience.

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