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Drops of Joy 5

                                          Wherever you go, I’ll be Theimages (2)re

We used to be together all the time. All the time. We were never apart. Wherever he went I followed. He loved taking me in the rains. Long rides on the bikes. Getting drenched.

I loved him like he was the last survivor in this world. He showed the same feelings as well. I have kind of been stuck to him. We have been in a relationship for over One and a Half Years.

Life has been never easy. We have had the toughest times. The roughest days. But we lived on. His parents lived somewhere far. Tuffy was here to enjoy his life. He chose me to be his company. I knew one day he would leave me and would go far away to his parents. He kept saying that I would be a part of him.

I believed him.

We used to go to clubs and danced like crazy. Tuffy was an amazing dancer.

We used to walk down the twisted road. We still felt lonely in each other’s company. That was weird. He ran back home with me. Took his bike. We rode down the twisted road. He turned on his headphones and was listening to music. I kept looking at the way he was ignoring me. I was pissed. He took a steep turn. Flashing headlights from a truck blinded him. He tried to apply the brakes but I didn’t budge. I didn’t allow him to apply the brakes.

I had lost all my grip hence couldn’t support his legs whilst applying the brakes. He had used me every day for 1.5 years. He had used me very roughly. He had picked me up from a Puma showroom next to his place.

My sole was all flat, the entire grip was lost.

I am a shoe. I have given him company for some time now.

Tuffy was injured badly but survived the collision with the truck. The shoes were thrown away in the hospital’s dump.

Tuffy was too attached to the shoe. It’s weird but that non-living thing followed him in his legs wherever he went. It saved him from the unpaved footpaths, the potholed roads and the hilly trips.

He found joy in that shoe just like people find joy in a phone, in an iPod, a laptop, books and many other non-living things which live to give joy to our lives.

Just look around. There will be something, if not a person, atleast a thing to keep you happy. You will find joy.

Life is not just enjoying with the humans around. Grab your shoes. Go far away and spend some time alone. You will still be happy. The shoe will make sure, that you are happy.




(P.S. Dedicating this post to our reader, Marcos Menezes, for the special gift he sent)

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