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Drops of Joy 6

dreamy-moment-mysterious-reading-window-Favim.com-216949It’s a Friday evening. One hour for the last day of the week to get over. Her colleagues have started to plan the weekend. Just for the sake of it, she gets invited. Tantra bluntly denies. She hardly goes out with them. She does have a few friends. She stays home during weekends. She likes it like that.

It gives her peace.

She leaves work after wishing a great weekend to the few good people.

Its 7pm. Raining heavily. She stuffs her bag into the dicky of her scooterette.

She rides home drenched.

She raises the glass of her helmet to feel the raindrops hit right across her face.


Drops of joy.


She reaches home all soaked up.

Her neighbour hands her a parcel.

She lives alone. Her parents live in Kerala. She keeps the parcel on the table to change over to some dried clothes.




She comes into her room with the parcel. Opens it. It’s from her good friend, Tuffy Singh. First Flush Dried Tea Leaves from Darjeeling. She has a rather wide grin on her face. Her weekend was set. Black tea and a book. Tuffy knew she is tea lover hence sent this as a gift although he lived just about 5 kilometers from her place.

She prepared a cup of black tea. Walked into her room. Browsed through the books. Before she picked one, Tantra opened the window to check if it was still raining. Torrential rains. She grabbed a book. Sat on the chair, allowing the breeze to hit her face and and also allowing it blow the pages of the book. The vapour coming out of the tea cup looked amazing. It was the perfect combination.

She enjoyed this alone-time. It gives her peace. It takes her into a different world. The tea in particular was exquisite.

She didn’t mind doing this for the entire weekend. Her good friend Mukfiya was visiting her native place. Although the tea gifter, Tuffy, keeps confessing that he has quit alcohol, he still has his round with his friends. He states that if meat is thrown in front of a lion, the lion cannot avoid it, just like that if he is surrounded by alcohol, he cannot avoid drinking it.

Tantra felt that was a stupid comparison.

She woke up to a Saturday and the Sunday morning without a hangover, never has she woken with a hangover.

This is living. Loneliness is still bliss. A book and a cup of tea can still keep you engaged and engrossed. Look outside the window. The rains are here to lighten up your mood. To wash away those sad moments if you had any. Break free.

Give it up to the Drops of Joy.



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