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Drops of Joy 7

A Reader Submitted Original

Edited and Additional Inputs by Back Punch

After a tiring day at work, Nihar wanted to have some time for himself. He was eager to rush back to his room and watch ”F.R.I.E.N.D.S” his favourite sitcom which he considered to be a stressbuster with a dosage of caffeine.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


As he entered the house he was surprised to see his mom busy in the kitchen. Dad on the other side giving her a helping hand, a rare sight indeed. He had that very bad intuition when such a sight normally occurs, ‘Guests’. He asked his mom for a confirmation and she replied in the affirmative whilst busy cleaning the meat, “Your father has some old friend and his family visiting, and guess what they will be here for dinner, without giving me a prior notice.” She ended the statement with a frown on her face staring at my father who tried his best to ignore her statement. Nihar understood why it was a rare sight to see his dad help her, persuading a working wife to do some household chores as soon as she returns from work is like inviting death.


He wanted to help, but was not in a mood, as his plans of having some good time alone just got shattered. Nihar freshened up, took his cup coffee and went to the open terrace of his apartment.   It was a pleasant evening to watch the clear sky and the calm sea. He pulled out a chair, sat facing the sea to the east and turned on some music. As being on the eastern coastline, he could not see the sun sinking into the vast blue ocean. The moon had risen pinned to the curtain of the setting saffron sky behind it. The stars began to pop out one by one. The breeze swayed from the south. He sat there sipping his hot coffee, gazing at the horizon of the vast ocean vanishing into the dark with the sunlight getting dimmer. The ocean wasn’t blue as usual, it had the beautiful reflection of the saffron sky. He never felt so relaxed and stress free. The sight was so pleasant that he regretted spending enough time sitting in the terrace, in fact he never had the time for it after his busy day. He believed watching the sitcom was the only stressbuster. But this was an out of the world experience. It gave him the nostalgia of walking down his memory lane. Those days which used to be free from the shackles of his new corporate life. The short stint of pleasant solitude was snapped out with his mother calling him back, as it was time to be the hesitant good host to the uninvited guests.


The nature has its hidden gifts everywhere. We should have the mind and eye to see it and preserve it in order to enjoy it.

Open your eyes. There is a lot of joy around.


(N.B.: This is a guest post. Back Punch has only edited, made some tweaks and added a couple of lines to this post hence we do not take credit for the above post.)



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4 thoughts on “Drops of Joy 7

  1. Marcos Menezes

    Whenever I see this disconnect with parents I feel a connection with the Locked Door series. Lat paragraph-lovely but the writer went a step ahead in appreciating nature that nature itself will shy away. I believe he was so pissed with the guests that he messed up the first paragraph but good comeback in the second part. The last line is your work, that I know.

  2. Sanskriti Verma

    You could have edited out the first half. Kindly do not talk about creative liberty of the writer of this particular post. The second half is good. Whoever writes on your blog should remember one thing, MORE THE PEOPLE IN THE STORY, THE MESSIER IT BECOMES. You just have a Tantra or a Roy or a Sasha but here there is Nihar, dad, mom, guests. Your characters have an independence, keep it that way. Your characters have carried an entire story on their shoulders, keep it that way. Good last half and this time around NO APPRECIATION for your last line.

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