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Drops of Joy 8

She liked jumping in the puddles. Not when no one saw. But when everyone was around. She liked singing aloud and grooving to the music right in the middle of a shopping mall. She loved howling and hooting whilst watching a film in the theatre. Her friend tried to stop her but she would ignore him and keep living her life, without breaks.



She picked up small things out of her life and found joy in them. Every evening, after returning from office she played hide and seek with the kids in her society. They loved her. Because she respected them. Kids love that. Kids love it when you become one of them. Tantra was that female who kept shooing away the worries and only faced the joy. She faced the worries as well with a broad smile. The worry would in fact shy away. People thought she was one crazy female and needs to be realistic about life.


All of them were wrong. All these people turned to Tantra when they were in trouble. She helped them without expecting anything in return. She doesn’t know the amount of money she has given her friends when they needed. It came to a point when those friends of hers forgot the money they have borrowed from her and came up, with out of the box excuses to not return it.


That would enrage her. When they needed she was there but then people end up showing their true colours to which Tantra had a simple logic. She just helped an orphan and needs to forget about the money. When people give money to charity, they do not expect that in return.


She pulled out a Drop of Joy to every negative aspect happening in her life. That is the best way to live.


She believes in herself and doesn’t actually care what the world thinks. People sacrifice their dreams wondering what the world would say (Log Kya Kahenge). She was a different breed. She went against the world and found joy in it when she accomplished her dreams. She smiled back at those people who did not believe in her or chided her in the first place.


Life is not just about doing things the way the world wants to do. It’s also about living for yourself for a change. Try doing that. Choose people and only then, make them a part of your life.


Lesser the crowd, lesser the chaos.

More the crowd, more the bullshit.


Tantra never boasted of having a lot of friends. She had very few. But she made them count. People envied her for the same. The stories she had with her friends were special and people ardently listened to them.


And whenever she wanted to show an exaggerated number of friends, she would turn to the kids in her society. They would gather around her just like honeybees flock around a beehive.


You know yourself the best so you own it. Pick up those drops of joy and transform it into an ocean of happiness.


For it’s your life and A smile is the best topping, life can ever ask for.



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70 thoughts on “Drops of Joy 8

  1. Catherine Xavier

    Easily the best one from the Drops of Joy series. So inspiring. I just have no words. Your heart is all over this post. What a delicately written post that anyone who reads will have goosebumps and believe me the last line here is frankly the best I have ever read on this site. Hats off to your writing.

  2. Shreya Tambat

    this is such a pleasant read. I just want it to rain now so that I could just stand n xperience the drops of joy. Such an inspirational piece of work..

  3. Shrinidhi Narawane

    It leaves you with happy after effects and let me rest in those for a while. I would be more than happy to pay you for such mind blowing write ups G. This is what a person who goes through bouts of depression should read. Instead of going to a counselor, they should subscribe to the Drops of Joy Series. Look at this, anyone who has had a high and dry day will easily smile once they read this. Haven’t we seen the Happiness is…..posts on Facebook.
    You make life feel so good. Thanks a ton. You are an inspiration.

      1. Shrinidhi

        Not a writer but I do read good 🙂
        Let’s see what the Writer has to say.
        Actually we can also say HAPPINESS IS WHEN GOKUL REPLIES TO HIS READERS.

    1. Back Punch Post author

      Hello Shrinidhi,

      Thats is probably the most generous compliment Back Punch has ever received. Drops of Joy is one of the oldest series which had come up on Back Punch and we are still glad to see the tremendous response. Back Punch is no substitute for a counselor. Happy Reading.

      Stay Blessed,

  4. Kamini Kamthe

    The best one to come out of the Drops of Joy series after the horrible 7th one. The kind of transition from LGR to The sacred affair and now to this makes me wonder the kind of changes your mind goes through. You are kind of making your mark not only in the light hearted stuff but also the mind blowingly serious ones. This website actually is a symbol of what New Generation India Writing is all about and you are the apt definition for it. This may or may not be a great piece of writing in the literary world but it definitely leaves a smile on the faces of anyone who reads it. Goosebumps!!

  5. Sanskriti Verma

    I have had a couple of close friends who borrowed money and never returned it. I understand that G. I have kept asking them like a million times. Now i wont. i will simply forward this link and let ur words do the miracle. Even if i dont get it, i am absolutely Ok with it. You just pick up things from life. Those small teeny meeny things and make it look so good that even we smile. Your writing is addictive G.. And please do not post so frequently cos if we get used to it then it should be like a daily thing. Wont be able to live without it!! You and your words. The best relation ever.

  6. Dr. Veni Iyer

    Truth be said. There have been times I go into my mailbox and forcefully refresh it to see if there is a post from Back Punch. your stories fill me in with positivity and happiness that i just cannot thank you enough for it. When i see a patient dying at the hospital and there is nothing much we can do earlier i used to come home and just sit and wonder about the helplessness. Now that load is way too less because of such posts and the other ones from the drops of joy series. Drops of Joy. That name itself is so positive. You are truly an inspiration. Just cannot thank you enough.

    1. Back Punch Post author

      Dr. Iyer,

      Now some of your lines, did give me goosebumps. People do ask why don’t we monetise Back Punch, this is why! All we want to know is if Back Punch has helped our readers in any manner or not. And your reaction makes us believe that we are on the right track. We still have a long way to go.

      Stay Blessed,

  7. Maya Fernandez

    Its you in the feminine form. A writer has made his point when the reader smiles at the end of each of your post. And there have been plenty of smiles. And you, my friend, are a huge success. Back Punch remains my fav amongst the many reading sites. I am not a person who gets goosebumps that often but kind of every post of urs has managed to do that.

  8. Purva Kumar

    Another amazing one. This google is so amazing, I was just searching something and i saw this site of urs and ever since i am hooked onto it. The man with the GOLDEN HEART and his GOLDEN WORDS.

  9. Radha Chetiar

    u know its something special when a writer manages to touch hearts everytime he ends a story. Your signature. You are born to do this.

  10. Emilié Gãrsons

    This is again an inspiring article. You keep producing such good stuff on a consistent basis. Thank you and God bless u always.

  11. Keerthana

    In love with the words. The english language had never captivated me like the way your posts have. In love with this reading destination. Keep writing.

  12. mariam alex

    Dear G Nair,

    I loved these drops of joy!For a fraction of a second,I felt that its about me..well,I amno9t boasting of,but yes,I have so many little friends and the funniest of all is,there are many who have forgotten to return the money which they borrowed,and I also thought that why should I keep cribbing and chasing them to return the money.IF they had,they would have returned it..and as its not happening,yes I helped someone who was needy…!I so feel that its me,and even if its not about me…I just loved reading it…good work!!

    1. Shrinidhi

      Hi Mariam Alex,
      I understand that you also have a part in this website and must be working closely with G so could u please ask him to have an interaction with the readers at least on a weekly basis. This is not a news channel or a satire website. Its about life and the small things around us so his thoughts on our reactions is also pretty important for us.
      Thanks in advance.

  13. Kamini Kamthe

    What an amazing reaction!! I’m actually averse to the fact that you should come and interact with the readers. I mean its upto you. It is impossible to respond to each and every post but I believe since the posting of Lets Get Raped, the hits have actually hit manifold. The title did the trick. The reactions are also getting serious. To be honest with you there is a good traffic coming in to read the reactions as well. If people have some problems or something try helping them. I have seen that earlier. Its your call though.
    Keep up the great work.

  14. Kamini Kamthe

    Missed out on saying this. All that bashing you received in some parts of The Psycho and The Thinking Diva helped you improve. But had never ever thought that a Lets Get Raped would come out from that pen. I am like your biggest fan bit I’m also waiting for one horrible post from you to actually rip you apart. Scope for improvement you see.

    1. Back Punch Post author

      Kamini Ma’am,

      Needless to say, your criticism helps. There won’t be a continuation of both The Psycho and The Thinking Diva. Instead we would be focussing on Drops of Joy, Let’s Get Raped and The Bombay Diaries from a series point of view and there are some undercover articles in the pipeline. One of our contributors is working hard on that. I am waiting for your rippng apart.

      Stay Blessed,

  15. Sharwari

    Dear Gokul,

    The words are an intricate compilation of something very delicate and very strong…You almost seem to be in love with Tantra! 🙂

  16. Aarti Thakur

    Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart ..lovely story it was !!!
    Once again the object of your attention blossoms and flourishes…How BEAUTIfully you have appreciated her life , becoming suddenly aware of the miracle of being alive on this planet…!! 🙂 🙂
    Must say…You have the power to Inject Positivity through your words…!!

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