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Drops of Joy IX

She rolled over and tucked herself in the blanket. Tantra felt very weak. She was diagnosed with a disorder, no doctor had an answer for. She always preached about hope and positivity. But this time a wave of hopelessness and negativity engulfed her thought process. She visited doctors who specialise in medicines related to gastrointestinal disorders to surgeons for the same. She visited allopathics to homoeopathics and ayurvedic doctors as well. Everyone said it’s a regular intestinal disorder. She felt like a laboratory rat on whom the doctors were trying their luck. She had all kinds of medicines. From steroids to vitamin tablets to nicotine laced pain killers. Nothing helped. She had to stop eating cakes and muffins which she so dearly loved.

She felt as if someone just ripped out the heart of her favouritewpid-wp-182268.jpg food items.
After losing hope from the 10th doctor, she quit having those medicines. She stopped being the medical mystery to all these specialists and started living life on her own terms. Tantra was sick and tired of her food restrictions and ceased being helpless of herself.

She joined online forums and discussed about this disorder at length with unknown people. Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis it was. The doctor had once told her it is a water borne disease.

She stopped living on the terms dictated by the doctors. During the days she had medicines she used to writhe in pain for 4 to 5 hours. The day she stopped having those, the pain miraculously reduced to a mere 1 hour and on some days she had none.

She believed in the doctor more than she did in herself. Now she broke away from all of them and only believes in herself. She eats only what she likes. Roy was mad at her for this. He used to always order food for her when they went out. He always ordered keeping her restrictions in mind.

This time she ordered.

Of the few friends she had, she used to go out and eat only with Roy because that’s worth the risk.

Even otherwise that was the case. He did help her with a list of other doctors but she was adamant. She chose the path of self healing. She was happy to go down that road.

It’s been a good 6 months since she had medicines. She has had pain for a total of 8 to 10 hours in this span. She considers that to be just fine and intends to carry on like that although she does keep a tab on the food she eats.

She knows or refined flour (maida) gives her the pain so she avoids that and whenever Roy orders for sandwiches she asks for brown bread for both of them. Roy nods in the affirmative.

She continues with her life just like a normal human being. Every 400> odd people around the globe suffering with this disorder carry on their lives just like regular people.

She had lost a considerable amount of her hair to steroids. She gets questions on her receding hair line. She put on weight. She shot up from a 60 kgs to an 84 kgs. She managed to bring that to 70.

The next time you see an obese or a bald human, before u pass comments and judge him/her, just don’t pass. There will be a story behind that.

She still gets questions on the sparse hair growth.

She smiles and answers.

“You try to be size zero, I try to be Vin Diesel’s female avatar, still healthier though.”


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35 thoughts on “Drops of Joy IX

  1. Kamini Kamthe

    This is an OK one. I loved the 8th one. This one has its own charm though. I second Mr. Kannan’s views, the last lines are sheer magic.

  2. Dr. veni iyer

    Of course this is a true story. And very true this is an extremely rare disease. Mark my words, extremely rare. If you live in a place where the rivers do not flow and that is part of your water supply, then 1 in 5 million people can contract the disease. Look at the odds. In India as far as I know there are just under 500 known cases. I think Ketotifen will be the apt medication. This disorder is highly debatable but not to be harsh here, it’s something like cancer, not that serious but pretty low chances of permanent cure.
    Great message. Keep going.

  3. Maya F

    What a stylish ending! Manifolds of improvement. It feels like you are with that person and treating her. I love your writing dude. Your words have magic 🙂

  4. Mary Ann Kuruvilla

    Long Live Tantra!
    I fell in love with this site, your writing, the power in your words the day I hit this in my search results. What a fine writer you are!! This is not a good one but even this managed to inspire me so just think how the good ones inspire me. Hats off!! You are the man of words. The last line is beyond fabulous. Classy Stuff!!

  5. Sanskriti Verma

    The Logo is fantastique 🙂
    This is OK but WOW!! WOW to the last line!
    You are way ahead of the league. This is a true story, no doubt.
    Oh Fuck!! Your characters, they just say with me.
    Tantra and Roy just form my thoughts nowadays!! They are so bloody powerful. So bloody powerful and you are without a doubt a powerhouse of sheer talent.

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