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Drops of Joy X

Drops of Joy X : Diary of a Misanthropist

She hated the human race. She hated them. She had all kinds of phobia and never ever felt comfortable. She had haphephobia. Extremely reclusive. Loved solitude. Psychotic. She lived alone in her apartment. She hasn’t set foot outside her home since her parents died. She hated her dad. He molested her. She had plans to kill him but then he killed himself. And then her mom died.

She stopped going to work. The only reason she went outside her house was to save herself from her torturous father. Now as he was dead, she didn’t find a reason to venture out. It’s been a week, she is a misanthrope. She hasn’t taken a bath. She hasn’t brushed her teeth. Her provisions are running out. She has been surviving only on water. She has been lying on her bed and clasping her pillow. She has been thinking of the days her dad molested her. Her mom used to helplessly watch.

Why was her mom a silent spectator to all this? Her daughter was being molested by a man who played a crucial role in bringing her to life. And that life was being tortured. That man had died. Her dad had died. Not something to celebrate but a sigh of relief should run down her thoughts. But she chose to torture herself. She chose to starve herself to death just because she wouldn’t be molested anymore. She died every day after she chose this life. Someone save her. There is not going to be an end to this. Do not expect a positive ending every time.

She still lives in that nightmare. She doesn’t have a name. She is you. She is every one of you who think of only the bad things in life. She is each one of you who sees the bad in the good things. She is you because you still stick to the people who bring just sorrow to your life.

Life is too short to have grudges is one bullshit concept. Everyone should have grudges but never make it a part of your life.

Forgive but never forget is another nonsensical saying. There are about 6 billion people on this planet. Of them, there will be some idiots who would do irreversible damage in your life. Never forgive them. Knock down the person who stalks you and ask him/her to repeat that one more time. Slap that person who gawks at you and let him gawk someone else. Go thank that person who talks behind your back. Crucify the person who spreads rumors about your character. Look into the eye of the one who eve teases you. Just do that. Never think about such human beings.

Think about the people you love. Think about the people who make you happy. Think about the people who are there in your happy moments. Isn’t that the wonderful thing called life? Life is an ocean. Think only about the drops which brought joy in your life because that makes an ocean. Never think of the drops which made you cry or kill yourself and made your life like a sewer. Choose the right drops and make your life an ocean. It’s the ocean that helps you live and the sewer will help you survive this amazing thing called Life!!

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32 thoughts on “Drops of Joy X

  1. Lekha V

    how on earth can you come up with something like this!! its so disappointing the way u start and what powerfully written ending.. this is just spellbound and emotionally hard hitting.. i will look at life in a much better way, i promise

  2. Anonymous

    With all due respect, how can u end such a depressing piece of work like that!! Almost went into sorrow in the first half and then the climax.. What are you??

  3. life lessons from backpunch

    Its all one absolutely psychologically confusing article.. I fucking hate the way you transform something that tragic into that marvelous ray of light. I fucking hate the way your mind works. I fucking hate the way your talent is so low profile.. Go big man. Give lessons on life.

  4. kamini kamthe

    this is not drops of joy. this is something else. this has a different flavour, a different essence. something of pain, despair, agony and then living despite all the odds. nothing much to say. i am in a self-realisation mode.

  5. Shrinidhi Narawane

    omg!! this being brilliant is an understatement, i went wtf after reading this. a start like that to an end like this, absolutely backpunch..

  6. Aditi

    Dear ‘the backpunch chick’
    I’d appreciate if you comment under a different pseudonym and NOT ‘the backpunch chick’.
    Kindly keep the swear words to a minimum as the English language has adjectives and does not need you to use swear words to put your point across.
    Happy reading.

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