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Drops of Joy XI

                                   Drops of Joy XI: Idiosyncrasies of a Depressed Tantra

With every passing day, Tantra felt uneasy. The outspoken and unabashedly opinionated Tantra suddenly sunk into a cocoon. If she followed a particular series of events on a given day, the same would be repeated the next day. She increasingly relied on such events. Even while going home she would only take either of the two lifts on the right, out of the four. 

This wasn’t Tantra. She used to be joyous. She used to be full of life. Her walks through the quotidian roads were thoroughly unappealing. She was done living like this. Her life was now mired in activities so mundane that she realized that life need not be this difficult. All she had were questions.

For those questions to be answered, she had to open the door.

For that door to be opened, she had to free her mind.

For that mind to be freed, she had to smile.

For those lips to curve upwards, she had to let loose.

For her to let loose, she had to converse.

For her to converse, she had to move out of the home and meet friends.

She was so engrossed in the virtual world of Instagram and Facebook, that stalking her friends lives on these mediums led her to live this depressing life.

She picked up the phone. Dialled. Called Roy. Asked him to meet her at the MG Road Coffee Shop in 30 minutes. Roy tried to skip blaming it on the rains. Tantra gave her the previous 10 instances when they met in torrential rains. Both, without grabbing any waterproof clothing ventured out on their respective scooters.

The last time they met were in the November of 2014. 4 years without seeing each other must have been tough. In those drops falling out of the sky, both reached the coffee shop and embraced each other.

Tantra smiled. They sat on the table across each other. Roy’s phone started ringing.

Tantra found a weird suffix to the name displayed on the phone.

Geetanjali – Counsellor.

Tantra stared into Roy’s eyes. Roy grabbed the phone and disconnected the call. He held Tantra’s hand. Tantra was probably a mile away from depression but Roy was already there. Roy missed his best friend, immensely. Work made them go afar. So much aloof that they hardly found time for each other. She scooched over to him and placed his arms around his neck, onto his shoulder. “Let’s go take a walk,” remarked Tantra.

Out they walked in the rains. With joy back into their lives. Drop by drop.

Every friend is an action away.

An action of making one phone call.

That one phone call can have them right next to you.

Reach out. Talk out. Vent out.

Let there be such Drops of Joy in each of your lives!!

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8 thoughts on “Drops of Joy XI

  1. Sneha Menon

    always and forever a fan of the drops of joy series. dude, u are awesome. simplicity can go beyond touching hearts, there can be smiles, chuckles or easier, drops of joy here and there, everyhwere

  2. Catherine X

    Why don’t you connect to that friend of yours and meet? Or ask your friend whose story this is to connect to her Roy. Isn’t life too small and we, extremely gullible to the way life leads us. Majorly work. Cheers to the thought behind it and the purity in the soul. In this season of the Christ, may the Lord bless you in every turn.

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