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Drops of Joy

She lived a happy life. She never let loneliness captivate her. She had the best of friends, the best of hobbies like reading, listening to music and playing her PS3. The one thing which gave her a lot of joy was a smile. Smile from any random person would actually make her day. Tantra treasured those little drops of joy.


When she rides her scooter behind a bus and the commuters getting down, flash a smile to her or when a truck driver speeding on a waterlogged road, splashes water on her, she smiles at him, he is forced to smile back. She has no time for worries. She wants a life without complaints, without tension and obviously with a lot of joy. She visits orphanages during her off days, distributes chocolates, clothes, knowledge, etc. And in return she is overwhelmed by the happiness on the faces of the kids. That again makes her day. While she is riding across the city she always carries a box of chocolates with her. The only thing she gives to the children begging near the traffic signals are those chocolates. She is normally taken aback when the chocolate gives them more joy than money.


She lives for herself in the complete form. What would she do with all the money she gets? Browse online and check which bank would give her a better interest rate on her savings. She is least bothered in that. She purchased a car just to make her maid’s autistic kid happy. She drives the car during the weekends with the kid and the joy she receives when he smiles is immense.

Tantra didn’t buy joy. Infact truckloads of joy tracked down her. She kept doing those little things which gave her happiness.


Although this is a short one but joy is never short lived. Money isn’t just about everything, satisfaction also comes in. If you want to do something which you believe will give you lots of happiness, go ahead and do it. Forget about the damn world. Forget about the people who’ll complain. You aren’t stealing. You aren’t faking. You’re just doing the thing you love to do.


When a company advertises to live life king size, go live it. And live by not sitting on loads of money, live by ‘living’ in a cocoon of joy, happiness and awesomeness.


If little drops of water can fill a mighty ocean, then quite obviously little drops of joy can make your life much more beautiful and worth living for.


Stop complaining and start living. Live the joy called life.


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28 thoughts on “Drops of Joy

  1. Kannan Iyer

    After all the emotions surrounding SRT’s retirement, here comes a smile. It was tough to get but u managed to bring out one. Wonderful writer you are.

  2. Sanskriti V

    What do I say? Really!!!! Look at the size of the post. Look at the mark you leave. It takes a task to leave a mark. You leave that with such ease. I normally show my middle finger when a heavy vehicle splases water while I am riding, I try to smile now. Certainly should help. After all it’s Dr. G!!!!

  3. Marcos Menezes

    You know why you are one fucking brilliant writer because this small post leaves a mark on the readers. That’s why. You are superb man. I have been following since 2011 and the way you have improved is mind blowing. Earlier this the readers used to complain about the size of the posts now even such small posts are leaving an impact. Thank you.

  4. Dr. Veni Iyer

    Do you have joy in your life? OR are you just selflessly spreading joy and facing dire consequences in your own life. Be a little selfish. The drops of Joy series is one wonderful series in your blog, I am pretty sure that they are your own stories. Being selfless is good in a way but that should at the cost of your happiness. Wonderfully Written.

  5. karunya a

    probably easy for u to write but is it that easy to remain normal. Naa. I dont think so. Probably she just doesnt care much about herself.

  6. Kamini Kamthe

    I can see the improvement in your writing. It is loud and clear. To be clear, this is not your best work but certainly is a good one. The kind of thoughts and the efforts put around in editing this post is pretty visible. Good one Gokul.

  7. Catherine Xavier

    Here comes another one. Where do you produce such ideas from!! I should probably take that brain of yours for rent. One thing I assure is that I’ll keep smiling. Thanks.

  8. Sarcastic Pony

    Well you know. You definitely have a roadmap and you know where off you are heading to. This comes out as very directional and that is what i loved. There is a message but in a rather crystal clear way. You are not confusing your readers and keeping it straight. And yeah, sure, you are one fucking talented guy. Let those words keep flowing Mr. Writer.

  9. Aradhana Mantri

    If people follow the coca cola ad and search for joy this is what they will find. You are a revelation. Simple and striking at the same time. Good job Punchy. 😉

  10. Mrs. Chetiar

    I love your website and the kind of messages you pass. Inspirational posts and have like lasting impression on mind. Thats why i stick to your site. pleasure to read the article come here. for a young man like you so much thoughts will be too much to handle i think so.

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