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[The following post had received a gag order from some unknown sources. Here we re-post a version with photographs(graphic image)]:


Just as the name suggests, Endosulfan is an insecticide. After being banned in a  number of countries, India finally approved its usage. Where else do we test it other than Kerala?


Even after a lot of studies informed that usage of Endosulfan would lead to cancer and stop human development, the Central Government gave a go ahead. There have also been rumours that these patients aren’t victims of the insecticide instead suffering from Handigodu disease.


The Kerala government kept requesting the Central Government that this is infact a harmful chemical. The public protests were also on a high. One of the worst affected was the Kasargod district where entire families started showing signs of mental imbalance.


The central Government turned a blind eye to the entire episode and also blaming the then Communist led government in Kerala for its anti-development crusade. The central government went a step further, they filed a case against the Kerala Government’s request in the Supreme Court to ban Endosulfan. The Central Govt. mentioned that it’s a tried and tested chemical and doesn’t have any adverse effects on human beings.

The way things are going for the centre-POOR AREN’T HUMANS for them.effect


On May 13, the Supreme Court banned the usage of endosulfan but on August 2, 2011, the Centre filed a counter petition saying that the victims in Kerala are suffering from a totally different disease and it should instead promote the usage of endosulfan.


The contradictory part of this is that when A.K. Anthony, (the current Defence Minister) the then Chief Minister of Kerala had banned the product and as of today he is mute. No one has heard from him.


The Centre has given compensation to all the victims but why add the count.


The centre anyway doesn’t listen to the poor, let’s not further trouble them atleast.


OK. Fine. We’ll vote for you. Can you atleast ban it now?


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50 thoughts on “Endosulfan

  1. estha immanuel

    i have been part of the protest march but nothing helped.. people are still suffering but the media still doesnt give em the necessary footage..
    there are a million articles infact sites dedicated to this but rarely make an impact. the sarcasm should work here. good work..

  2. Kamini Kamthe

    Well I see a shift. Good or bad, I don’t know! When I say shift I mean with the add of pointy sarcasm in the last line of this post. It works. The punch is still there. We have add some authors come and read out their books on Endosulfan at our centre. All had their stories of pointless protests and other harrowing experiences. This is plain and simple but those last two lines are really risky. Appreciate for taking that risk and showing what Back Punch is all about.

  3. vilasini mudaliar

    Should be a little more stronger gokul. always leaving your words for the ending is not something i would recommend. Use your potential to the fullest

  4. Saumya Nair

    Wonderfully written! It surprises me that for a serious post like this you have females commenting in good numbers. Wow! Pretty good following and a dedicated readerbase. Loved the sarcasm. You’ll do good.

  5. The Bombay Girl

    It’s quite a gutsy piece of work. Thanks to the sarcasm which gave an added life to this post. Can we have a more detailed account of this problem?

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