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14 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Sanskriti Verma

    Thanks for adding this.
    When the heck is the sequel to The Thinking Diva coming up?
    How long will you make me wait to read that? Wait, what I’ll do is, I’ll send you a nice watch so tha you understand the amount of time you have kept people wait. And are more poems coming up?

    1. Back Punch Post author

      Hello Sanskriti,
      Thanks for being a regular. The Thinking Diva II is ready, we are just finalising an image for the story. It should be up in a couple of days. And yes, there will be more poems albeit will take some time.

  2. Kamini Kamthe

    For once you find a writer who gives you so much hope and confidence that even in the toughest scenarios you will pose a smile. I have been reading Back Punch for a while and every post has made me think about the wonderful thing called life and the amazing people around us. The Psycho Series, The Thinking Diva Series, The Bombay Diaries, Not for Sale, I Believe, Drops of Joy Series so on and so forth have all left an unwashable print on my mind. I am not saying that this is the best I have ever read but certainly is the most positive and unique works. I have gone through most of the posts on Back Punch and you, Gokul have evolved as a writer to be more thoughtful, more attention to detail, more focus on the characters of the story. Tantra and Roy have been showcased in such a way that I should be forced to believe that they are not real people. The use of words, the emotions, the language, the flow of thoughts are so well balanced. You do go off track in between but that is just fine. Your endings are always a pleasure to read and they do, in fact, give you goosebumps. Life can be so simple. Yet we end up complicating things. I sincerely pray for the best for you in life. Waiting for a great book from your side and of course constant activity on this site. Keep writing. You are indeed an inspiration.

    Kamini Purshottam Kamthe.

    1. Back Punch Post author

      You are a very good observer of writing.
      We look forward for your reviews once a post is uploaded. We appreciate the harsh and the good feedback. It pushes us to deliver the kind of quality you expect.
      We have already started working on the book. No time lines can be given as of today.
      Stay Blessed.

  3. Catherine Xavier

    I live in a country where the citizens have no clue what’s happening. I somehow stumbled onto this website. You know, actually, Arundhati Roy had given a lecture in one of the radio shows here so I happened to google. I found a lot of websites solely dedicated to her. I just found this name Back Punch and was intrigued. I hit the link and every hit after that made me wonder, where had this site been all this while. Every post of yours comes with hope, optimism, living and joy. It leaves a lasting image in your mind and just makes me wonder that there are graver issues than what I am facing. Yo be honest, I am a huge fan of your poems over the stories. Really beautiful ones. You should drop by in our country and give a lecture and tell people that life is not that hard. Just tell them to look at life with a different perspective and they’ll just be fine. For me, you are an inspiration. I used to watch movies and write my opinions on these review websites which obviously did not help me on any manner. Here I opine just because the posts are helping me. You are truly talented and that too in a rather spectacular way. I just cannot believe, despite all this respect and adulation, you still keep yourself so low profile. In the US of A, people would have been wondering how to mint money out of this or perhaps make money out of counselling. You are one selfless individual who just comes out of that little world of yours to upload posts. Rarely have I seen you even replying to your critics or thanking the ones who appreciate. Real low key. Writing for you is like a drug and I am addicted to that. You know how to touch hearts and make a difference. Take a bow Punch. Take a bow.

    1. Back Punch Post author

      Your vengeance in some of the posts really made us wonder the wrongs happening in your country. We are trying to get hold of books and documentaries which unearth the myths surrounding 9/11 and planning to compile a post surrounding that. It will be a collaborative effort. We understand the risks but will not at all be diplomatic or cowardly in our approach.
      Thanks a lot for the invitation as well. Let’s keep it at that though.
      Thanks for the kind words. readers like you motivate us to wrote more hard hitting stories. Your adrenaline rush seems pretty visible to us.
      Stay Blessed.

  4. Emilié Gãrsons (Sister of Dimitriy Gãrsons)

    In every walk of life I was insulted and looked down upon. I was in a desperate need of someone to support me and give me some motivational words. Dimi mentioned about a story you had written. I would not say it inspired me but certainly struck a cord. I realised what I should say and when to defend myself. After that every story of yours has always given me goosebumps. You are just not a writer. Your words have heart in it. Even the harshest of scenarios are out across in such a way that you are like an inspiration for me, for life. Imagine, a person from India gave me the courage to stand for myself when no on from my country could do so. That is the power of your words. You are/will surely become an amazing partner, husband, father and grandpa. You know how to speak to put across your righteous thoughts in such a way that the readers are genuinely inspired from that or take home atleast few of the thoughts you are trying to convey. My personal favourite will always be Not for Sale and some parts of the Psycho Series. Not for Sale was an eye opener. That shopkeeper made me stunned. What an amazing clarity in your thoughts Punch!! If you are giving advice to the person standing in front of you and this is the way you speak, that person will change for life. Believe me. You have the potential to fly high. Untie your wings and take off for people like us feel inspired and humbled when you write. A milliom blessings.

    1. Back Punch Post author

      For us the reaction from your brother, Dimitriy, still is one of the most special mentions. Now your kind words have immensely moved us.
      Thanks for your downpour of really special compliments and also for your personal wishes. For now you have a kid which is a blessing from God. Our interactions with Dimitriy have suggested the same.
      Stay Blessed.

  5. Bhattacharjee

    I have kept this in my drafts for some time now. I always wondered how could I express my thoughts and gratitude I have towards the way you showcase your thoughts. Every story of yours makes me think and force me to bring about a change in myself. Be it small. I do try. Believe me. I slow down my car when I see a dog. I don’t give disgusted looks to women when I pass the bylanes of Sonagachi. I have seen so many wordpress and blogs which try to change the society. All of them have a message to convey but it’s never strong enough.
    But yours!!
    Every goddamn post of yours is so thought provoking. It makes me think and reciprocate. It makes me realise that life is very easy and you just have to face it with a smile, whatever the problem is!

    From the comments and testimonials I reckon that your name is Gokul Nair. And from the photo on your wordpress profile suggests that you are probably in your early twenties. You have written what a person ends up writing when he crosses 40, my age.

    I just cannot imagine the kind of high standards you have. The kind of language. The thought provoking punch lines. Simply superb for a person of your age. Probably if you could have released a book by this time you would be an A lister writer. The one splendid thing is that you effortlessly juggle between poetry and prose. People do not know much about how hard is that. That is why you are one bloody good talent. If none of your ancestors/family members have this writing prowess or if you haven’t taken any classes to improve your writing bit you have managed to do all this by yourself then trust me you have it in your blood.

    It surprises me that you are not monetizing your website neither are you publishing your website. You are pretty happy that you have a set amount of readers. I am pretty sure that there will be people who won’t even be commenting but just enjoying and sometimes applying your thoughtful messages in their lives.

    I want someone to write a profile on you rather you should ask someone who knows you very well to write an introduction on you. The brain behind Back Punch.

    You are a special mould. You don’t write to appeal anyone. You write and then make people fall in love with your writing. And guess what! People actually love that.

    With the kind of respect you show towards females in every story of yours, the girl who comes into your life will surely be the luckiest. Apologies for being personal here but just couldn’t control the admiration I have for your writing. Writing actually shows what a person is!

    I have written a lot. What could I have done! This is my humble reply for all the goosebumps you gave.

    All the best for you in life. Hope you have great writing endeavors.

  6. Marcos Menezes

    I have been thinking for some time now to write a testimonial. I have been following this blog rather nairgoks.blogspot.in since 2009 and have been a fan of his amateur writing skills. For I believed that he would, one day, evolve into someone who manages to strike goosebumps and touch lives with every story of his. Ever since backpunch.in came into existence, his writing has matured in spectacular fashion. And every post of his gives me such joy and hope for a better world. Pity that he chooses not to publicise himself and just sticks to the niche readerbase he has. No other blog you come across will have such heartfelt and warm reactions. Every person who bumps into this site takes back something. Never have I ever thought that Mr. Nair will actually start writing poems. From a disastrous first attempt he made sure that the coming poems were out of this world and made the readers just fall in love with the characters. I choose The Psycho Series over The Thinking Diva. But for me amongst your latest posts, the one which re-affirmed my faith in good writing was Let’s Get Raped. That was simply, the best piece to come out of Back Punch. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw 100 odd readers express their hope, disgust, sorrow through this post. And as many people have accepted the fact that you have magic when it comes to the last lines. Goosebumps are for sure to happen in a normal human being.
    Back Punch is all about joy, positivity and hope. Life is always a lot lighter after those Drops of Joy.
    Keep inspiring for what you are doing is a noble cause. There will come a day when you will be known to the whole world for Back Punch requires attention and needs to be shown to the world.

    Marcos Menezes.

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