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Happy Birthday

It was finally her birthday. New clothes are what every girl would want but she wasn’t interested in anything of that sort. She turned 26. Tantra cherished this moment. Successful, happy and faraway from the clichéd boundaries of feminine penchants. Birthdays for her weren’t a day to donate to the neighbouring charity.

She did that every month. It wasn’t spending time with her friends and wear a cake all over her face. It wasn’t giving them a booze party as well. It wasn’t waiting for the gifts she would receive from them. It wasn’t a day to logon to Facebook and count the wishes she received and reply to all of that.happy birthday

For her a birthday is spending time with her parents and thank them for bringing her into this world. She just spends the entire time with them at home on this day. According to her, if it wasn’t for them she wouldn’t have got those friends. Tantra never purchased new clothes on her birthday. She sat home.

Tantra stood in her balcony and just stared out. A slide show of her life breezed past her eyes. She smiled and kept smiling even broadly. Her friends never agreed with the logic she had with regards to not celebrating her birthday. She managed to keep all of them at bay.

The reason why Tantra doesn’t buy new clothes for her birthday is just because she knows there are a million kids walking naked on the streets this very moment. She doesn’t go out to eat on her birthday just because she is aware of the fact that a kid out there hasn’t had a morsel for over a week. The kid might have filled its tummy with only tap water.

And finally millions of kids don’t even know who their parents are, forget about the day they were born.

Tantra can atleast point and show that these are her parents.

On the wall. Her parent’s photos.

A garland clinging on each of the frames.


[N.B. Here’s wishing Arundhati Roy a very Happy Birthday (24th November) Thanks for inspiring.]

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61 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Sneha Menon

    Write it again, I shall read it again.
    I can keep reading each of ur blog posts a million times. They are so crystal clear. You never beat around the bush to showcase the message. You tell it bluntly and straight to the point. Inspiring in every way and top notch as per writing standards.
    Wishing Arundhati Roy all the happiness.
    She must be happy to know one day that one Mr. Nair is silently spreading joy and positivity through a website which has her imprint.

  2. Sanskriti Verma

    What do i say? Yet again you prove the sheer quality you have. This is so small but the kind of message delivered is so precise. The paragraph on kids, that’s so striking. And the ending, that made me cry.
    Long live Arundhati Roy 🙂

  3. Marcos Menezes

    When was the last time you got a negative reaction?
    When was the last time you could not give goosebumps?
    The scale of improvement you have taken in your writing is immense and so grounded. This again just proves what Gokul Nair is all about. His life, his principles, his respect towards his role model, Arundhati Roy. Keep writing.

  4. Reena Abdul

    You have a rather unique way of writing and it stands tall. Really tall. Nothing sleazy, nothing vulgar. All in the best use of the wonderful English language. Truth be said, even I write, but I’m a fan of the way you write. I cannot capture the minds of my readers but you sure can. And taking tips from you in this respect doesn’t make sense cos u r born with this. Your writing is very very inspiring.

  5. Ketaki Gokhale

    One of those rare sites where a man is writing and the main character in his stories is a woman. Our country still has such writers. Loved this story. And the emotions!! Good writing.

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