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Just Not Another Love Story

“His touch had the mesmerizing feel of a million feathers. I always thought if it hadn’t been for him my life would have been empty. He added a colour to my life. A colour no one could erase. The way he seduced me by his touch made me live life in a cocoon of dreams. I just didn’t want to come out of that cocoon. When he lay on me, I just wish I had glue to keep him attached to me always.
We had our own set of differences. At times when he touched me it felt like he would rip me off but then he would return with his seductive feather touch. The one thing I always admire about him is the knowledge which keeps flowing out. I sometimes wonder how lucky I am to have a lover like him.
There have been days when we haven’t met. The understanding person he is, communication gap never affects our relationship. My friends keep warning me that he will dump me for someone else. I never see that happening because I’m sure he is not that kind of a person.
Although we don’t speak much, the fact that he is dumb, doesn’t deter us from expressing our feelings. The touch is more than enough for me and the response to his touch is enough for him.
But then people keep saying it would never work out considering the fact that I’m a paper and he’s a pen. They say once he changes the ink he changes his attitude. I’m pretty sure my Parker won’t do something like that. I might be one amongst the 500 pages in the book he writes on but he makes sure that he would touch me and pour on some words and make me happy before he visits the other pages.
He may not be possessive about me but I am very much. I just ruffle myself in anger when I see him touching the other pages after turning on me. Those were the biggest fights we had but he still comes back to me with a convincing look. Innocent the page I am, I get convinced.”
Once Parker used all the other pages and there was nothing left to write on, the book goes into the store room.  There ends a love story. Love stories are short lived if you just run through the pages without knowing what it is. Keep it open. Enjoy being loved and loving someone and create a page for yourself in the chapter called love.
You are the pen. The paper goes into infinity. Keep writing (read loving) till you can define infinity.
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|| BACK PUNCH | Injecting Positivity | Spreading Joy
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