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Lessons the Stripper Taught

Lessons the Stripper Taught

Based on an idea by Ajith A.


Roy was sent to New Zealand on business purposes. New Zealand always remained one of his favourite holiday destinations. Peter Jackson had generated enough curiosity in him with the Lord of the Rings series and then followed by The Hobbit. To add to this, the Maori gang had instilled a bit of fear as well.

He landed on a Monday. The days breezed past. Friday arrived. His colleagues took him to a strip club. He was a teetotaler. His colleagues laughed for a while and then carried on with their weekend doses. Their roadmaps to a Saturday morning hangover.

The ladies stepped on the podium. All of his colleagues had their eyes popping out. The ladies slowly started removing their clothes and clung onto the poles, semi-nude.

Now is when Roy had his eyes on the ladies. He was amazed by their acrobatic skills. Their breasts, unclothed. A thin cloth covering their bottom. And they were dancing around a pole. No stage fright, whatsoever. He stood in awe looking at them. Their grace blew his mind away. His colleagues were yelling out to remove the last piece of clothing stuck on the females, he was enjoying the graceful performance.

Find the Art

Find the Art

After the show, Roy charged towards a female who stood out from the crowd and appreciated her performance. She was taken aback. She hugged him and didn’t let go of him for a good two minutes. She kissed him on his forehead and thanked him for his good mind and not having an inferior outlook towards her and the entire fraternity. She went on to say that this is a job and people do have a sense of dignity of labour here. After all this, Roy had one question, “Why don’t you wear clothes and do this?”

Her reply was rather quick, “Why don’t you ask your friends for the answer?”

He left the strip club. He was elated by this chance encounter. He reached his place and asked one of his colleagues the question he had. Prompt came the reply,”I’d rather go watch a circus if they are clothed. Nudity is the reason buddy. Who wants to watch their stupid gymnastics?”

Roy was appalled by his colleague’s mindset. Nudity, is that it?

When did the human mindset reduce to the size of a tiny rat’s ass?

The beauty of a woman doesn’t lie in her nudity. It lies in her naked soul. It lies in the impure love and affection she showers you with. The next time you ever feel like going to a strip club, applaud their creativity, the hard work they put in and not the nudity.

If you still are interested in the nudity, go take a shower!!

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25 thoughts on “Lessons the Stripper Taught

  1. kurien

    I mean seriously, earlier it was lets get raped followed by 4 parts of that horrendous title and then this, dude write about something worthy enough, here are some options:
    Lessons Mother Tresa taught
    Lessons the businesswoman taught
    Lessons the sportswoman taught
    You are promoting strip clubs through this blog you claim to spread positivity from.
    This is easily one of the worst titles to come from back punch n the most worthless piece of shit writing.. u should shut down this blog and help others carry on with their lives..

    1. Shrinidhi Narawane

      OK Mithun Kurien. Here u go. You are hilarious. You are an attention seeking individual. Just like @aloyalfan commented, backpunch is all about finding good in the most unique lives to have ever walked on this planet. Did u ever in this rather hideous life u are leading have thought of procuring values from anyone at all. Pick it from this stripper. Your mindset is equivalent to a tiny rat’s ass. Living example.

    2. Sreerag Nair

      Mr. Kurien whoever u think u r. If u wanna criticise a write up there is a way of doing it. U r no one to judge on the writers writing skills nd wether to stop the blog. The above post is one of the finest from back punch. Its nt vulgarity of strip club that’s being promoted here but appreciating and respecting a person for his/her job, their talent and skills. Every profession has its own value.
      Negative criticisms are acceptable but insulting the blog nd its creativity will not b tolerated. So if u cannot luk into the message the posts carry then U r a worthless piece of stinking SHIT nd not worth to follow back punch. As a request, please stop following this blog and let the rest of us cherish it in peace.

  2. a loyal fan

    Keep writing, you fine lessons from the finest corners of the world and the most ignored individuals rather one of the most looked down upon professions, u are gem of a person, knowing you and have had long talks with you, you are easily the finest souls i have stumbled upon.. God Bless You..

  3. Kamini Kamthe

    You are a rare talent. To pick up lessons from a stripper goes on to say the kind of change u can bring in this world. Your writing has a soul. It has life. It can move people. It can move people in unimaginable ways. This has to be one of the best to come out of backpunch.

  4. Mehul Dave

    A classic Goks and one of the finest to come from BackPunch! Loved the last line! Spreading positivity. Thanks for wonderful read! Looking forward to more.

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