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Let’s Get Raped II

Conversations with a Commercial Sex Worker


What happened to her, no one knows!

She drove past midnight onto the highway. She was averse to the fact of sitting at home and waste time,

sleepHuman Traffickinging. She saw commercial sex workers stand on the highway.

They were asking for lifts. She stopped near one of them. The lady knocked on the window. Janaki switched on the lights in the car and rolled down the window. Opened the door and pulled the lady into the car. The lady started abusing in Hindi.

She had heavy makeup on. She was wearing a red top and jeans on high heels. She was Madeena.  Janaki pushed her so hard that her head hit the window. Madeena pulled out a Swiss knife from her handbag and pointed towards Janaki.

Noticing a seat belt not running down her body, Janaki applied the brakes as the car was cruising at a speed of 70kmph. The knife fell off and Madeena was totally shaken off from her seat. Janaki informed that she just wants to have a conversation with her and nothing else. Madeena was well versed in English and had a degree in Commerce.

She informed that, this is quick money. She mainly works in Panvel. She is doing her Masters in Computer Application (MCA) from a pretty well off college. She was informed about prostitution by a mutual friend. Madeena had severe complex issues and was desperate to match up with the attires of her college mates. She belonged to a middle class family. She charges upto 2000 Rupees for an hour and informs her client not to leave any marks on the body. She claims to support her education as well with this money.

“You have done your B. Com, why not work in a bank or a BPO or somewhere if money is all what you need!” Janaki asked.

Madeena went onto justify why she took up prostitution.

“I have to attend college, I have my classes. I can afford to take two to three hours and make some quick money. I stand on the fucking highway. I have seen some of my dad’s friend’s stop by for sex not realizing it’s me. I just tell them I am off for a party.”

It was pretty hard for Janaki to digest.

“So, are you proud of being a part of the oldest profession man has ever known? Haven’t you thought of updating your Linkedin profile with this job? Haven’t you thought about your parents? What would dawn upon them if they know about this secret ‘service’ you have been doing. What if you contract a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).”

“I use protection.”

“What if you get raped, lady? And the rapist kills you. All that money you have been saving will go down the drain.”

“Who the heck are you to tell me this?”

“Your sister, Mukthar’s boss. She knows about the thing you’ve been doing. She just didn’t want to confront with reality hence I pitched in.”

Madeena was stoned. She didn’t move. She was caught red handed.

“What kind of a fool are you? Who does this? The other females in this prostitution industry are forced into it. No woman with self respect will actually get into this, just for money. All your justifications are absolutely lame,” Janaki blasted.

“I don’t know what to say. I just feel like killing myself. I have let down my sister.”

Janaki took Madeena to her place.

The cash inflow stopped but Madeena managed to safeguard the last smidgen of self respect she had.

Doing this for money is an open invitation to get raped because every time you do that there’s another female praying for the day she is out of this hell.

A woman’s body is sacred. She is the only human form who can bring out another human from inside her body. A man and woman, both, should respect that.

(N.B.: The basic concept of this post is based on a true story. This incident was heard of in 2010. Back Punch hopes such incidents are a thing of the past.)



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76 thoughts on “Let’s Get Raped II

  1. Sanskriti Verma


  2. Kamini Kamthe

    I cannot even compare Lets Get Raped 1 & 2. Its like The Psycho series. One is better than the other. How can you write bot the LGR’s so differently. The first one was about the males and this one about the females. I have heard about such cases but what an amazing sense of writing ad the attention to details is simply mind blowing. The way you showed the happenings in the car was the best. The last line, yet again, Mr. Nair, you are the best at it. Way to go.

  3. Shrinidhi Narawane

    I have heard of such stories rather from one of my classmates got into this. Saddening. I will try to get in touch with her and ask her to read this. Brilliant piece.

  4. Catherine Xavier

    this is very much prevalent in the US. The last few paragraphs are mindblowing. I Personally like this over the first part. Its getting tastier. Waiting for the next one

  5. Marcos Menezes

    Your growth as a writer makes me proud. I just did not know what you are trying to convey but then i finishes i was in sheer awe. had a couple of goosebumps as well, especially the boss part. You are blessed.

  6. Maya Fernandez

    This one is special. The girl in your life must be the luckiest. I mean the way you shower respect on these fictional women on the blog just shows how she will be treated. She must feel so safe around you. Well we appreciate your writing enough. Its high time people actually talk about the real woman in your life. I am pretty sure there is a girl behind this success of yours. You will be too shy to come out and tell this but yeah it is pretty visible in your posts. To be honest with you she must be very blessed to have a writer in her life. Which females actually get that chance??

  7. Bernie P

    Every story of urs has those last few lines which just leave you so fuckin captivated that u read the whole damn story again just so that u get to read the last few lines again n again

  8. Mithun Kurien

    When the heck will you actually stop with this damned title of urs?? Dude i am not getting it. And as its a true story, its ok of me to give my sympathies with this lady. Shame on her to stoop to such a level.

  9. Dr. veni iyer

    an absolutely different LGR. If you are planning to make this a series, it would be one complex filled journey. Cant wait for it!! All the best.

  10. not wish to be named

    A girl takes up this because of societal pressures. i blame the girl here but lets get in her shoes and think. Well i get the point though. Pretty nice ending there and good explanation of the happenings in the car.

  11. freddy vincents

    u see such people on the highway and the sad thing is that cannot distinguish the ones who have taken this forcefully and the ones taken by choice

  12. Terese Hong

    Good site you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find good quality writing like yours these days.

    I truly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  13. kerrie bracewell

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    Your web site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have
    done an impressive job and our entire community will be grateful to you.

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