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Let’s Get Raped III

She was slapped and abused. She was abused in the filthiest manner ever. She still loved him.  male-rape-victim-uganda-007

She thought someday her love would make him a better person. Every palm of his, which landed on her face gave her a certain bliss. She was weird. Muqfiya was married off at the age of 17. She had three elder brothers whom she respected just like her ailing father. She was used to the commanding nature of her siblings. She did her schooling from an all girl’s school. She never knew how the other males would treat her.

She was never allowed to speak with someone from the opposite gender. Her liking was never enquired while marrying her off. She happily agreed.

She was always under a burqa. No matter how her husband treated her, she loved him like he was the last human being on earth. He was undeterred.

She wanted to study further. That wasn’t allowed either.

He never realized that the burqa is to conceal her dignity and not her dreams.

She listened to him like a child obeys the father.

The abuse continued. She was beaten for the most trivial things. An extra pinch of salt in the curry led to Nihar throwing a glass of hot water on her right hand. She couldn’t do the household chores for a few weeks. Nihar used to have food from outside but never bothered to check on his wife’s hunger. He found her too weak to even have sex with.

During this time, Nihar got into an affair with another married woman and she happened to be the wife of a local goon. Muqfiya kept that unheard and unnoticed, still believing in him. One night, the goon rammed into their house and held Nihar by the neck. Muqfiya pushed him away from her husband and raised an axe towards him and yelled. He ran away.

She turned and looked into Nihar’s eyes. This was the first time she did that. She did it with anger. She placed the axe on Nihar’s neck. She smiled and said, “Do you remember this hand, the hand on which you poured the piping hot water, that has saved your life today. You hurt me one more time, I’ll chop off your head and send it to your lover’s house.”

Nihar might have become a loyal husband but now he lives in fear.

She is God’s creation and not an object created by man.

Once the power in a woman unleashes, the man who has never respected her, gets raped a million times.


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105 thoughts on “Let’s Get Raped III

  1. Sanskriti Verma

    Holy Fucking Lord!!!! What a blockbuster ending!! I have no fucking clue where would this stand when compared with the previous LGRs but what a write up. You rock G. Good Lord!! Please give me the opportunity to sponsor Back Punch for this year. Let me unleash myself with my weapon which is Back Punch.

  2. Reena Shamshad

    Finally a strong Muslim woman in your post not that you have shown them as weak. If she comes from a conservative family how come her husband has a Hindu name. Confusing??

    1. Purva

      What’s wrong with you? If u have to criticize the language or the writing do that. Why da heck do u have to get religion into this??

    2. Shrinidhi Narawane

      WTF did I just read!!! WOW!! Reena, I hope u understand what fiction is!! Muslim wife and Hindu name, that’s all what u got from this story! Open your eyes, the world is not that bad Reena.

  3. Purva Kumar

    Here comes my favourite series. This one keeps punching throughout. What a stupendous last line. If I see another female blaming the entire male community for the rapes I’ll tell them to read this and have a reality check. Fucking crazy writing this. You have all my respect because you deserve every bit of it.

  4. Marcos M

    Two posts in one day. Nice. You either have a dry run or you shower the readers with posts. Coming to this. Powerful one. This has more power when compared with the earlier LGRs cos the woman in question here has been shown as stronger and then it’s her words which do the trick. Language wise I dont know which LGR is the best but this is effective and hitting. Earlier your words had the punch now the actions have that. The last line is awesome as always but few lines in between are also equally powerful like the two aspects of the burqa yu have put across. Mind Blowing one buddy. Proud of you.

  5. Catherine Xavier

    When I say that you are a blessed writer I mean it? And this post makes me reiterate those exact same words. You are a blessed writer. What power in your words Mr. Punch! My respect to this wonderful talent you possess has just quadrupled. Great going. Keep going.

  6. Shrinidhi Narawane

    Mr. Nair. You are a fucking genius, aint you! You are the bloody man of words. What a play of words have u showcased here with sheer ease and needless to say, grace, shielding an axe. Muqfiya has unleashed her power and you keep unleashing your writing prowess. Cheers.

  7. Bernadette Patrickson

    You are in sublime form. This is just fabulously written. The pace, the language, the suspense, the intensity and of course the ending. Fantastic piece.

  8. Back Punch’s Chick

    I am at a loss of words. This is absolute insane writing and the last line is so fucking awesome. OMG! I can read this again n again.

  9. Kamini Kamthe

    Where do you get such stuff from? I am in the writing business and I never ever thought that something titled a ‘Lets Get Raped’ would go beyond two parts. Here you are with the third one and proven me wrong. This, my dear friend, can easily be one of the best posts to come out of Back Punch. Everything clicked. The language, the punchlines, the ending which is not needed to even mention is that good and the action packed performance from Muqfiya.

  10. Mithun Kurien

    It’s high time you let go of this title. I mean seriously. Totally understanding the fact that I received some backlash but dude give it a thought.

  11. Nisha Jagganath

    Dude! You are just super! This should go international. What a gem of a title and what a super talented mentality to handle it. Gosh!! Fabulous work!

  12. Bhattacharjee

    I just felt like I read a super long thriller. It was that captivating and intriguing. A bit of cliches here and there but the final product is all that matters. U r doing a fine job. keep going strong. Unperturbed as always.

  13. kannan iyer

    The Back Punch blockbuster. Immense respect for you man. People are religiously leaving their thoughts. I always believed in reading such kind of free stuff on the web but then ur site changed my perspective and forced me to leave comments. One of a kind. The message is defining and will leave a lasting sign.

  14. Maya Fernandes

    This undoubtedly is ones of the best posts to come out of Back Punch. This site continues to amaze me in every possible fashion and the kind of quality you churn out is unmatchable. Who would have even thought that this title would bring out something like this? This is without a doubt high quality writing and is a highly recommended read.

  15. avinaash krishnamoorthie

    I have to say this. This is one the most peaceful articles have read on an explosive title like this. U r insanely good at this.

  16. Anonymous

    Every LGR is so immensely different from each other. The way u handle something on rape so intelligently is noticeable. great work

  17. Emilié Gãrsons

    This is what defines Back Punch the best. The powerful female, her patience and the twist. You continue to inspire me. God Bless you always.

  18. Mridula Padmanabhan

    High class writing. Some big time publisher should think of sponsoring this website. I suggest you make this your full time job because more the posts, higher the hits, better the exposure. This is ideally a one of it’s kind website and impressive to the extent that it gets addictive. I always wonder why do good bloggers/online writers like you do such things for free. Then it strikes me that, I am here coz it’s free.

  19. Illuminée Thomas Dubois

    I have been silently following your website since a few months now. Why don’t you focus completely on writing and we can get this published, in French obviously. Your stories are not just a play with words but they are a gathering of a lot of emotions. For one, our entire team has set our eyes on backpunch and to be honest it’s pretty impressive. And mainly you can check Mr. Vincent Dignan’s (founder of Planet Ivy) tweet who has listed you in the FAST RISING BLOGGERS list and mind you, this is a worldwide list and not a country specific list. We noticed you because of The Bombay Diaries and then Let’s Get Raped glued our trust on your words. I have mailed you. We need to discuss creative ideologies.

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