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Let’s Get Raped IV

For once,
Let her walk,
Alone in the park,

Be it pitch dark,
Where no one stalks.


For once, just for once,
Let her dream,
Not at all dim,
As divine as a hymn.


For once, just for once,
Let her be away from the chains,
To venture in the far off lanes,

Totally drenched in the rains,

Far off from the lurking eyes so insane.


For once, just for once,
Let her decide when to get married,
And not just oh so hurried,

Her life and her dreams all buried,
All of that gone, still so torrid.


For once, just for once,

Let the males take a stand.


For once, just for once,
Let there be a newspaper,
That have no crimes which drape her,

And men who never rape her,
And forcibly videotape her.

For once, just for once,
Let a politician rise and not rebuke the female,
Just not put her on sale,
Or else Mr. Politician, you are one big fail.


And for you have one life,
Save her from the knife,
Let the people never unnecessarily, bother,

Because one of them is your mother,
And that feminine form on her own,
Can knock you upside down.


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63 thoughts on “Let’s Get Raped IV

  1. Dr. Veni Iyer

    What a strong portrayal!! You have covered from rapes to stalking to ogling to mms and just about everything which rocks the foundation of the female and then end it brilliantly

  2. Kamini Kamthe

    Weak at parts but a very strong message. The rhymes are also not used for the sake of it. they have been appropriately used. This sure is turning out to be one hell of a series. Keep going. The readerbase is just growing.

  3. Nidhi Narawane

    This is the best poem from back punch. I thought the second part was a little weak but the ending is just awesome and just sums up the reason behind the title.

  4. Mithun Kurien

    Never been a fan of this bullshit. It’s just crap man and this is not ur style of writing. Look this poem is good but why this atrocious title.

  5. poonam smith

    Breathe. Breathe. So powerful that i had blood boiling. Your posts either give goosebumps or make ur blood rush. Strong writing.

  6. Mehul Dave

    Awesome poem Goks! Amazing! Everything is in place. The message, the rhyming, the choice of words and the end! Beautiful and powerful message.

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