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Let’s Get Raped VI

This is a work of Fiction

It was finally Friday. Roy had been waiting for this weekend in particular. He and Tantra planned to go shop furniture for their new home.
He logged off, took his bike and stood outside his office chatting with a couple of colleagues. He saw Audis, BMWs and Jaguars enter and exit the parking. There was a pub right above his workplace. Weird, isn’t it? The crowd that visited the pub was also unruly. Cheap drinks, maybe!

It was almost half past midnight and he could see people flock onto the roads and wait impatiently for the cab.

One group looked sane. A girl and two guys.

The guys were busy tracking the Uber they had called for.

Roy saw a sports bike approach them from the wrong side. The rider and the pillion seemed drunk. They applied a screeching brake right next to this group. The rider asked his friend for a smoke and started jeering at the lady and taunt at her guy friends.

Roy got agitated and approached the group. As he walked towards them, the pillion started catcalling which clearly made the lady uncomfortable. These were students being taunted at. She kept looking past the harassers for some hope in form of the Uber driver. She clearly wanted to go home. Roy asked the group to get inside the building gate whilst the rider kept calling the lady, various names. The lady agreed to Roy’s suggestion of alerting the cops. A patrol van about a kilometer away, reached the spot in less than 2 minutes.

The moment the cops arrived, the biker made a sudden u-turn only to skid and fall. Roy explained the entire episode to the cops. The cops wanted a statement from the lady. One of her male friends nodded in the negative looking at her. She denied Roy’s claims. The cops looked at him, patted his right shoulder, had a brief chat with the ‘alleged’ harassers, asked them to take an auto and go home. The cops left.

An Uber arrived. The guys got in the cab. The lady looked at Roy, whispered a SORRY and walked towards the Uber.

Roy sat on the pavement and put a reminder on his calendar.

The reminder was to check for a #MeToo story, four years down the line on Twitter about this incident written by the lady!

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  1. Anonymous

    y dnt you write on the Sabrimala issue, I feel being kerlite u mi8 feel that lades shud nt enter, whats ur tk on dat?????????? nd this seems like u r against da me too movement and making fun of it.

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