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Let’s Get Raped

She reached home after a pleasant day at work. She made some tea and switched on the channel.


She felt nauseous after seeing the headlines. Earlier the news was filled with a random stranger raping a female but now it was something totally different. A father raping his daughter and other crimes riddled with incest. Tantra switched off the television. Locked her home. Knocked on the neighbor’s door and asked Roy to accompany her outside to sit on the bench.

Roy saw her disturbed. He asked her if she again saw some news on rapes. She shook her head in the affirmative.

Both of them sat silently for some time. They saw a couple on a bike in a compromising position. The bike halted. The girl got down. A car was parked against a wall. The man pulled the female towards the car and stood behind it.

Tantra stood up in disgust. Roy followed suit. She ran towards the car. She found them kissing. The female pushed away the guy and covered her mouth.

“What’s happening?” Tantra yelled.

“None of your business,” the guy yelled back.

This is what she always got when she tried to help someone.

She found a mobile phone tightly held in the female’s left hand. Tantra snatched it and went through the contacts while Roy threatened the guy to not move and threatened him with his journalistic connections.

“I am going to call her parents unless you assure me of your intentions with her.”

The guy shivered. The girl was shocked to see that. She thought  he would stand his ground and will speak with her parents and express his intentions of marrying her. The girl was confused.

“If this was love he would have stood like a man and spoken with your parents. This is just lust.” Tantra explained to the female. The girl opened up and informed them that he was forcing her to have sexual intercourse with him but she kept insisting him to speak with her parents. She also mentioned the number of photos he has clicked of hers and saved in his mobile phone. Roy promptly discovered the phone from the guy and erased everything.

Tantra informed the girl that all you would have become is prime time rape news for the television channels. Imagine what your family would have gone through. The girl started crying.

Roy dropped her home.

The Delhi braveheart Nirbhaya, the Park Street victim (she is alive) have all been headlines and their lives have probably warned the females to take extra care of themselves. But in the end their families have been shattered.

From every 54 minutes, today a female is raped every 22 minutes in India. For every woman raped, the rapist is getting closer and closer to one our family members. The law is compromising. We often talk and boast about male chauvinism and complain about feminism. Every time a female is raped, the existence of a male is questioned? The sin made by a man ends up in the entire world raping the male community. When a female is raped, she is someone’s sister or a mother or a wife. We are something because of her. If the males just think, they are the ones getting raped.

Males are getting raped because they are doing nothing about it. If a female is going alone at late night hours, ask her if she wants to be dropped home. We never know from when and where will the eyes of lust target her.

She is not weak. She is rendered weak. She is stronger than the man. She is made to look weaker. A female’s friendship with a man lasts longer than the man’s friendship with someone from his own gender.

So save the girl. Every eve teasing attempt at her is an attempt of rape on the male community.

So let’s not get raped. Let’s drape every female in a safety net and hold her away from the eyes of the evil.


[N.B. : Let’s Get Raped is neither sarcasm nor cheap humour. Here ‘us’ is directed towards the masculine gender and not against females. A glimpse of the event mentioned in the story has been witnessed by the author and one of the major contributors.]

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109 thoughts on “Let’s Get Raped

  1. Mithun Kurien.

    Rape is a sensitive term. I am not even gonna read this post of urs. I saw the N.B. but still absolutely horrendous title Gokul. This is not the right way.

    1. Purva Kumar

      You are one of those fools who without watching a movie, trashes it. Read the post and then comment Kurien. Read and understand the motive behind the title. By the way I hope that God gives u the shakti to read this and then sensibly opine.

      1. Kurien

        My dear Purva,
        U r a female and u shud be raged by the title and not me. I hav been following this blog since a while n i know the standards Gokul has. I was just enraged to read the title. If am fool dor not reading it then m happy to be one.
        Female Sympathiser.

        1. Purva

          Oh Halo!! Who the fuck needs ur sympathy dude!! Now i know what u have been reading!!!! Stop giving free ka sympathies to females dude. Just read this story and then you will stop sympathising and start protecting us from such lust filled people. This Gokul is trying to show you the right path, read it and try to follow it. Its humiliating for him to see you not read the post in the first place and then comment that you are a bloody female sympathiser, i pity u kurien.

          Mr. Nair, you have my respect.
          A Proud Female.

        2. Back Punch Post author


          Your comment is downright embarrassing and humiliating not just for me as a writer but for the entire female community. Just like every face has a million stories to tell, every title will have the same million stories. Right to Expression is there but insulting a gender by sympathizing with them is cruel. I simply do not understand how could you just come to a conclusion by seeing the title and then use the Female Sympathiser comment so easily and get away. As you may see, a major amount of reactions have come from the females which shows that despite the title being so harsh, they gave it a chance by reading the entire post. Just as we pray for a better tomorrow, I will sincerely pray that you get a better mind and broader thoughts.

          Stay Blessed,

          1. Purva

            Thanks for standing up for us. Thanks a ton. Practise what u preach. U r a fine example of that. Thanks again 🙂

          2. Kurien

            I am sorry for that G. I understand your point here. No disrespect meant to the females through that comment. Peace.

  2. Rajeshwari V

    Very very harsh title. The title made me all the more curious to know what is it about. The incident has been narrated very nicely. And the way u validated the title is again brilliant. What a way to handle such a controversial title!! Hats off Mr. Writer.

  3. Shrinidhi Narawane

    First things first, absolutely loved the title. Not being sarcastic but seriously. It takes balls to write on such a sensitive topic. And you did it, just like the old folks say, with ease and grace! And Nair, what a way to explain the reasons behind the title. That made me love this post all the more. People are forgetting about the incident mentioned in here. That again is brilliantly handled.
    You are a find!! What language and what a flow!! No disconnect anywhere at all!!
    Enjoy doing this unbeliveably blessed skill of yours.

  4. Kamini Kamthe

    Rent your brain for a day,
    I shall never hit the hay.

    For I shall only play,
    Just for those words which lay.

    From where! From where do you get such outrageous titles and then make people fall in love with it.
    Today i have actually realised you as a human being. You’ll make people like you and then you’ll show them how bad you are and then make them fall in love with you and then they’ll never regret that. This reflects in your writing all through. I hated the title The Psycho but the way you portrayed the character in the poems just made evryone fall in love with the series. There are some minor errors in the literary sense here but people will just be looking for the reason behind the title whilst reading. I loved the way you handled this Gokul.

    Your pen has blood stains on them, that’s where you get this guts from. Sheer guts.

    1. Back Punch Post author

      Kamini Ma’am,

      I did consult two people before confirming the title. I did not want a backlash unnecessarily and people to question my ethics and ideologies. This is one of those posts where the title came into existence first and then the content was prepared. The pen for sure has blood stains and that’s why they say that the pen is mightier than a sword.

      Stay Blessed,

  5. the singhania

    Believe me, i read the title a million times to assure myself that i got it right. Let’s get raped. Dum lagta hai yaar aise likhne!! Meri to title padhte hee phat gayi!!

  6. Adarsh Mukherjee

    You have nice language buddy. English language can be used in many ways but seldom.we find people using it with such creativity and art. Wonderful writing.

  7. Philiposes D

    I have been following the things happening around india and this comes out as a proof of the positive attitude of the young indians. Great job mate. For such a horrifying title, your words show kindness and heart. I can read this genuinely for another couple of more times for its sheer heart.
    Considered working for any international welfare organisation? I have been a silent observer of your posts for quite some time but this forced me to come out and express. You show your soul in every post. Sheer brilliance.

    1. Back Punch Post author


      As it says in the WP profile, I hope to work with an international welfare organisation but only if it’s involved in the well being of India as well.

      Stay Blessed,

  8. Catherine Xavier

    What do I say? You are a blessed kid. Has anyone told you that? I mean, look at the respect you have towards females. Wow!! Every post shows it rather honestly. This just blew me away, G.
    You have attained those respectable levels of writing and there is no looking back. God bless and Write until eternity.

  9. Sanskriti Verma

    Bad title!
    Then I read and realize the reasons behind the title. Your standards in writing are improving everyday. I want this to be a series. Go for it. In the first part itself, people have become comfortable with the title so it’s absolutely worth the shot! Good job G.

  10. Rohit Parthasarthy

    This is quite a good piece of writing. You must be proudly informing the world that you are a writer. Very few people get to do that. All the best. 🙂

  11. Bernadette P

    Look at the positivity in the post. Superb. Good work yet again. You inspire me big time for the sheer respect you have towarda females.

  12. a proud friend

    Gutsy work Goks. Arundhati Roy is inspiring you through ur blood now and its showing. Idol worship at its peak. I am really proud to have a feiend like you. I’ll always pray for your good. Very few people i know are actually chasing their dreams. Not very few. Rather you are the only one i know of. Extremely proud of you and feel lucky to have a Friend like you 🙂 🙂

  13. Aradhana Mantri

    This reminds me of the Kalki Koechlin ad. The rage and vengeance is sprayed all through this story.
    From where do you muster such guts. Incredible.

  14. Dr. Veni Iyer

    Damn!! Your transition from one post to the other still amazes me. This is again a spectacular piece. No room for poignance. Time to spread the word!

  15. aparna swaminathan

    The title really disgusted me. Its like someone is going for a party but then u made your point clear. Loved the way you have written it. The use of words also stands out. Simply Wow 🙂

  16. Dimitriy G

    That Psycho title hits me here. Harsh title. And what a piece of writing. You are a special breed Mr. Writer. No one else can write it like this.

  17. Maya Lalwani

    Strong message passed. This should hit those people whose minds are filled only with lust. Why dont you send this out to newspapers and make your point in a larger base..
    you are doing a great job son.. you have my blessings.

  18. A fan

    Dear Mr. Mithun,
    I share one of the reader’s opinion, that I do not want to destroy d sanctity of the blog by being harsh towards you. However, I do feel you could use some help.
    1. Please do not judge a book by its cover. By this I mean, before you comment on the post, please take the efforts to read it instead of commenting on it merely on the basis of its title.
    2. Having opinions is good. Only, opine aptly and when the time is right.
    3. Constructive critisism is good, but critisizing because its human nature is hardly fair.
    I’ve been following this blog since its birth. Gokul is spreading awareness of numerous issues that require prompt attention. So, I suggest that we help him, rather than ‘Just commenting’. Gokul, this is my personal favourite. Its great to read your posts. Keep inspiring!! 🙂

  19. Angel Mathews

    I actually find the presence of God in your posts. I am pretty sure that both Roy and Tantra is basically just one person and that is You. This one is so inspiring that it should be read at awareness lectures. Every post of yours has a spark. Keep writing and continue to be an inspiration. God bless.

  20. Joseph George

    When such topics are written, there should be a little perspective but here there is the whole damn clarity here. Crystal clear. You should go big. Look at the number of people Reacting. Atleast 10-12 times that number are reading the post. You are being noticed.

  21. Martha Young

    Every post on atrocities on women is hard to read. It brings down a tear in my eye everytime. I was shattered to read the title here and just wondered where the world is going to. I took my chance and read it. My hopes in this world were rekindled. You instilled faith in me. This is a class apart. Very very simple story but absolutely unique. You are an absolute wonder. Good work.

  22. Nazreena Muzawar

    Hello there neigbour, Nazreena from Pakistan. Well India and Pakistan face the same problems when it comes to wrongdoings on women. It was special to see you mention the great Mukthar Mai in another of ur post, that’s how i reached here. This is so good that should be published in journals because its so far away from the saddening cliched stories on rapes. Amazing writer you are.

    1. Back Punch Post author


      Great to know that someone from Pakistan has reached here, Thanks to another Pakistani great, Mukthar Mai. She has always been an inspiration in many ways.

      Stay Blessed,

  23. Bethaney Powell

    All those anger and vengeance inspired from Arundhati Roy. She drives my adrenaline as well… Absolute genius she is and you for sure are her biggest fan. Good job on that, its pretty validating thorough ur posts.

  24. Kirti Madhavan

    At first I Thought the title is insulting and an absolute disgrace. Ita like someone saying Let’s go to Party or of the likes. But then I thought if giving it a try & read it. Mr. Nair, well I am happy that someone from my clan writes as good as this. Wonderful flow, beautiful rendering of emotions and all in all an absolutely gem of an article. Curiosity in the title forced me to read this.. That makes me wonder the kind of thoughts you put in to intrigue the readers. Fabulous work and I am Proud to be a Female. Have always been and this post has only increased my beliefs. Thank you.

  25. Back Punch Post author


    Let’s go to Party is one of the reasons behind the title. The Delhi gangrape was something like this. The individuals in the bus were in a party mood, absolutely high on alcohol and ended up killing the girl, Nirbhaya. She in turn became a national icon for women all around the globe for her spirit to fight against all odds and LIVE. The criminals ended up being raped not just by the law (we are still awaiting a closure on that) but by the entire world.
    Getting the readers intrigued is the best a writer can do.

    Stay Blessed,

  26. Seemanthi jeyasinghe

    This defines what the internet is all about. The right to speech in all its glory. What a magnificent article! This quite strikingly says what should be done and what should not be done. Can we have a round of applause please!! You deserve that to the fullest! Impressive….

  27. Marcos Menezes

    I actually tick marked the Notify me of follow up comments checkbox and I kept getting mail notifications. Curiosity bought me here. This has turned out to be huge Gokul. Honestly I never expected any of your posts to cross the 30 comments mark considering the fact that you hardly share it anywhere. I believe the number of subscribers has increased. Good job. Proud to be one of the oldest followers of this site, reinstates my faith that i choose good online blogs. 1st The Delhiwala’s blog and now Back Punch.

  28. Maya Fernandez

    Here you go:
    This is good in a way. Absolute positive post. You have a rather aggressive way of writing and that is why people find it inspiring. You don’t hold back and that is one of the many styles you incorporate in your writing. If you wouldn’t keep yourself so low profile this could have been your big break. Why don’t you publish?
    Those three words LET’S GET RAPED says everything about you as a writer.
    All the best,

  29. Vidushi Vikramasinghe

    Grab a tea. Open the laptop. Hit Back Punch and read. Amazing life 🙂
    The world you live in so awesome. All you is good things and make those bad into good ones. Hats off to you sir. You are one of my favourite writers 🙂

  30. Kamini Kamthe

    This is so so good. Always at the back of mind I thought that thia is going to be huge, thanks to the title. A century of reactions. People are finally landing onto the good blogs. I read it again and still striking. Really proud of the way your writing has attained such maturity and absolutely addictive use of language. Keep writing. This is why you are born for. Write. Make a difference. Write.

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