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Marching Ahead



He woke to a chilling Saturday morning. He had nothing much to do. Roy pulled out his laptop. Plugged in a headphone and began watching the English situational comedy F.R.I.E.N.D.S. That’s what he generally did when he was free on a weekend.
That sitcom gave him a rare kind of joy and put him at ease.

He watched 4 episodes in continuum. Till then he heard a knock on the door. He called out his mom, in the kitchen, to open the door. He unplugged his headphone hoping that it was none of his relatives. Till then a child came in running and jumped on the bed.

He sat up straight and kept the laptop on the bed. The kid, Vishnu, in his fifth standard, his neighbour, asked Roy to open the browser and hit Google.

Roy dutifully listened to him. Vishnu asked about a Sikh actor with huge biceps who acts with his dad. Roy thought about it for a moment and asked if it was Sunny Deol. Vishnu told him to search that. After seeing the search results he asks him to backspace the Deol and type in a Leone.

Roy opened up his eyes, twice as much and looked at Vishnu with his mouth wide open. Vishnu ignored Roy and hit the enter key and looked at the images and asked Roy, “Do you know what she does? She does PORN.”

Vishnu literally spelt out the word. Roy closed the laptop in absolute disgust and questioned him. Vishnu asked if Roy watches porn. He politely denied.

Roy was shocked to the core. He just thought about how times changed. Roy questioned Vishnu about this.
Vishnu replied, “You know, during weekends my parents have their office and grandma is busy watching TV the whole day. I go into my room, shut the door and browse. You know you get pop ups of such websites and it forces you to click them.”

Roy interrupted and asked, “Don’t your parents ask what you were doing the whole day on the internet?”

“Well I just tell them that I was on Google. I sometimes call over my friends as well and then during the weekdays I get to be the hero in school.”

Roy was deeply saddened by the revelations of a 10 year old boy. He reprimanded him and didn’t allow him to go home. Roy made him wait till his parents came back from work and told them about their son’s wrongdoings.

“I am disconnecting the internet,” was Vishnu’s dad’s reaction.

That’s it. Roy just wondered where the world was heading towards. He left him and came into his house and locked himself in his room and just thought about that reaction. Parents are just marching ahead with the sole motive of earning money to provide their child a life, a life, they didn’t have. It’s more about spending time with your kids and telling them what’s right or wrong. Disconnecting the internet will never disconnect him from such things but would rather force him to go to cyber cafes and drool.

Freedom is what you can give the kids but there should always be a limit to that. Haven’t we heard of children been lured by paedophiles and other cyber monsters.

We sure are marching ahead in terms of technology, better lifestyle and way of thinking.

In the process of that, your own children are getting well versed with Sunny Leone over an Albert Einstein or a William Shakespeare or a Mahatma Gandhi.


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39 thoughts on “Marching Ahead

  1. Sanskriti Verma

    Believe me. You are going to be one amazing dad. Your vengeance is all over the last two paragraphs. What a way to include my all time favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S. into this post. Roy is watching the sitcom and the kid is watching porn. Upbringing maters. Look at the generational divide. Good stuff G..

    1. Dimitriy Garsons

      Couldnt agree with u more. This gentleman will be one amazing dad and my sister would again true that. Keep inspiring and God will always bless u, sir.

    2. Kamini

      Finally Sanskriti is understanding the message he is trying to convey. Reakky good you understood why FRIENDS was mentioned here. And although it’s getting a little personal of the author but Mr. Nair will be an amazing dad 🙂

  2. Kamini Kamthe

    Look at the flow. I just thought why the heck were u talking about a sitcom but then came the word Porn and I immediately connected. Good work there. Come up with a bad post so that I can chide you for that. There is good consistency now. Definitely loads of improvement and hard hitting and thought provoking posts.
    Last line=Back Punch Copyright. Absolutely Superb.

      1. Kamini Kamthe

        Sorry I was in the middle of something hence couldnt actually express. Well, Marcos, this comes out as one of the finest works from Back Punch. Every word is so well connected that you just do not lose focus. I just loved the hidden meaning behind F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Absolutely wonderful. Some posts really make you carried away. Mr. Nair, you are one bloody bloody good writer. This life of yours is just for writing. If you have any other plans, keep it for the next birth and I am sure you’ll ne a writer again. Loved it Nair.

  3. Marcos Menezes

    What’s with you and kids?? The baby smokes, The right spirit and now this. You are now correcting parents. Great initiative. This story reflects the harsh reality of people marching ahead and not notocing what their kids are upto. Wonderfully written.

  4. Catherine Xavier

    Imagine this. The next time when some parent googles porn I really hope that ypur site comes up and they read this. Let this be an eye opener. I hope ypu have an idea how big the porn industry is in the USA. The maximum amount of pedophiles are also here. Depressing. Kids are lured by those torturous pop ups. They never intentionally do such things. What a way to include a scientist, a poet and a freedom fighter in the same line. That is hard hitting enough. If they do not hear the names of such greats, it would rather be good if they do not come out of the womb at all. You have all the prayers Punch.

  5. Emilié Gãrsons

    Every post you write on children, inspires me. Although it is a naughty kid here but you have showed him the way. Children are angels sent by the almighty and if you are showing them the right path, you indeed are a blessed soul. I cannot thank Dimitriy enough for introducing me to this site.

  6. Bernadette Patrickson

    For the love of God, come out of that shell of yours and publish. PUBLISH DUDE PUBLISH. Or take up counselling or something man. After seeing that last line I called up my friend and told her to keep a watch on her son. Look, you remind people what they are supposed to do.. Your writing has that charm..

  7. Sulochana Achary

    Great writing and what a message delivered in such a unique fashion. the story went haywire in between but great read. be a little more firm in the middle.

  8. Ashis Hosneti

    I really commend you for portaying such stories with ease and grace. Am a huge fan of the messages you convey, infact the last line is what i wait for while i read the story.

  9. Xavier

    Although I’m pretty new to this site, of the 5 to 6 ones I have read, this comes across as the best of the lot. I found humour, failure of the society, vengeance, sensibility and the usual strong message. I would say this is painstakingly hitting. If some parents are reading this, they’ll definitely take some steps. You are so bloody vigilant of the things happening around you. Are you Batman 😉
    In love with this post. This is what we call Message Delivered 🙂

  10. Hans Revther

    You know, has one good message which makes you ponder. You really good writer. I actually had to google sunny deol and chexk who he/she is. Its a he. No problem brother. Good writing you have..

  11. Dr. Veni Iyer

    I do find such cases. Being a paediatrician, parents do mention about such instances. I give these kids some suggestions and ask the parents to take them to a psychologist. They don’t. They feel when the people come to know that their child is under psychological supervision, the society will look at them differently. This story of yours is what I’ll refer to from now on. I thought I had failed but thanks for being the ray of hope. Lets hope for the best. You are definitely a person to watch out for. I seriously pray that parents think like you, you will undoubtedly be an amazing parent. The term NEXT BIG THING is actually for you when it comes to writing.
    Thank You.

  12. Nishi

    I have nothing to write after reading everyone’s comment ..plz goks Publish wat u write, this was mind blowing..I still watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S in my free time and I will prefer that..technology is so advanced that a child from 5th grade can easily access to dirty websites just by clicking in to a link….nice work dude..love it

  13. Pritha

    Wat a wonderful piece of writing …. with a strong social message a and a warning for the parents of today’s generation !!
    I completely agree with the importance of parenting …
    Keep up the great work !!!

  14. Vaibhav Jangde

    I would say with the Technology revolution, a radical change in the orthodox Indian society is a must.
    I wish this message is conveyed to each and every parent in India so that they help their children grow with a mature thinking and mind-set.

    waiting for your next article…….

  15. Pallavi

    Hi, Inspirational website. In love with your conclusion Punch. More than that the above comments guarantee that this is one damn good website. Thanks for the good writing and strong message.

  16. Vaibhav Jangde

    Though, children go to good schools they still miss out on basic hygiene education. And our social media emphasize more on celebrity promotions. which has resulted children aged between 6-8 to think like a naive teenager. These children are far away from real child like games and moralistic ideologies which used to be there in children of the last generation.
    Times have changed a lot. And it is our responsibility to help our “Children grow like Children and not as teenagers.”

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