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In the Name of God I : Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. A cartoonist has to come up with something witty every single day and in the case of Charlie Hebdo, every week. Adding sarcasm to it gets all the more difficult. Charb and Cabu did it brilliantly. No doubt.

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Je suis Charlie

BackPunch has had an instance where we had to pull down a post. If you search for the first part of The Unprotected Child, it’s nowhere. To have freedom of expression in today’s world is a tough thing.

We write. We write not to impress anyone. We write to make a point. It may offend some, it may insult some or probably it may embarrass a few. Just a few words. And then you throw Just a Few bullets on us. The people at Charlie Hebdo were talented. They had the courage to do what they were doing. They inspire. Their pens did the talking. And then some good for nothing idiots walk inside their office and kill them in the name of God. Really? Even God must be ashamed to have such followers.

They write something provocative. You write something provocative. Or, act smart and write something peaceful. A bullet for a pen is not the right way. In the name of God or in the name of religion, certainly not the right way.

So they ridiculed some idiot from ISIS. He has been killing people anyway. He doesn’t deserve to live. Charb or Cabu cannot kill him. They drew him.

By the way has anyone asked ISIS or the Al-Qaeda if they have read The Quran and was this the Prophet’s message to them?

The cartoonists died for an idea. They had nothing against Gods. They just didn’t believe in them. They have made satire on the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims. They have given every God a chance. The next time someone might storm into the Charlie Hebdo office wielding a gun and yelling, “Hey, we are killing you because you didn’t make fun of our God.”

Creations of God destroy the Creations of God. God must be so happy. Work cut short.

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22 thoughts on “In the Name of God I : Je suis Charlie

  1. Karthik Iyer

    my brains just rattled in the ending. I wondered why nothing about Charlie Hebdo didnt appear here on backpunch after the Peshawar Ode, here it comes, finally.
    Loved your take,,

  2. Kamini Kamthe

    Why the fuss about sarcasm? Sarcasm was always a major part of BackPunch. Every ending would give goosebumps but some of them were sarcastic in a very complicated way. This simply beats them all. Two non-stop paragraphs of sarcasm dipped in red ink. Brave effort. Way to go Nair.

  3. Reena Shamshad

    This is definitely good but why only The Qur’an and why only Muslims. ISIS and ALQAEDA have put our religion in bad light but we do not support them. I am totally against killing someone in the name of religion but shunning a particular religions for some bad tomatoes is not good.

    1. Marcos

      I don’t see the writer talking against a particular religion. This is mainly a post on the Charlie Hebdo shooting and that’s about it. Even the Quran has had a few words for the Christ so we are good, Reena. Let Peace be upon both.

  4. Jits

    “Just a few words. Just a few bullets” nailed it completely. I clearly see your frustration out here and that’s good. Good piece buddy.

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