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10th December 2013: 

There was an instance where the erstwhile www.nairgoks.blogspot.in and the Facebook page of the author was hacked after posting an “Anti Anna Hazare Ideologies” article. Back Punch unfortunately had to pull down the post. This time again another post has got us into trouble, we do not wish to name the story, the regulars will understand the missing one.

The travelogue on Kerala by a guest author has also been pulled down because of creative disabilities in that post. The person who submitted the story wasn’t happy with his work plus the negative comments also gave it in.

Back Punch strives to function on the Right to Expression policy. The travelogue on Kerala is understandable but taking down the other post has been downright disappointing.

Let the gutsy writing survive.

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4 thoughts on “News & Updates

  1. Shrinidhi Narawane

    This is really disappointing. I cannot actually remember which post was so offensive that you had to pull it down. Really disappointed.

  2. Maya Fernandez

    Which one has been pulled down?? Shocking. This Mr. Nair is spreading the word of joy and optimism and he ends up pulling down his post. Shocking. Creative liberty people. Creative liberty.

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