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An Ode to Peshawar’s Childhood

An Ode to Peshawar’s Childhood

Mehul Dave & BackPunch collaborate

I wish I had not gone to school today,

I would have met you in the evening today,

My ears long to hear your voice,

These guns and bombs are making a lot of noise,

Just you and me somewhere in silence,

Far far away from this violence.


I hear my friends calling their moms for help,

I don’t know why we bled,

The lunchbox is yet untouched,

My hunger satisfied with bullets instead,

From under the table saw I the boots approaching,

Pulled he out his gun and shot me in the head, lied there me, bleeding.


Ask dad not to pick me up today,

Because I can’t see him carry me bloodied today,

Don’t lose hope when I am gone,

Believe me, as I am not alone,

Don’t moisten your eyes when you miss me at home,

Cried I have a lot with tears as thick as foam.


Tell Da his comrade has deserted him,

I will no longer be there to fight with him,

I will be there in your heart, your soul and mind,

But I won’t be there for you to find,

Lie in my school bag all my dreams,

Now all it has are my friends screams.


In the morning, I packed my bag and joyfully hid a muffin,

In the evening my dad, with tears flowing, slid me in a coffin.


I wish I had not gone to school today,

I would have met you in the evening today….




(N.B.: The first draft of this poem was written by Mehul Dave with 4 lines per stanza. BackPunch added an extra two lines every stanza in no particular order. May the souls of all the kids rest in peace.)

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20 thoughts on “An Ode to Peshawar’s Childhood

  1. Kamini Kamthe

    This is brilliant. Ho much ever you collaborate, I can easily pick up the BackPunch lines. From MUFFIN to COFFIN can be written so convincingly only by you. Boots approaching and bleeding is another one. These lines basically capture the essence of it and add heavy emotions to the poem’s fineness. THis should be read by every parent who have lost their kids.

  2. Shrinidhi

    The muffin-coffin line is totally BackPunch, even if the credit for the rest of the poem goes to Mehul, the muffin coffin lines are totally BackPunch. Only you can think something like this

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