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Pity You, Man!


There were these lethal thoughts engulfing the minds. The minds of people who are scared of their own securities and do not have their own lives in balance.

I am used to writing long stories on my Instagram pictures. I don’t want people to enjoy the picture because I’m just a mediocre photographer. I want people to read the story behind these images because apparently, I’m an upper mediocre writer.

When freedom of expression is over-utilized in this great nation of ours, I use it to satiate my creative liberty. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I don’t want filth written, personal jibes or ultra-orthodox to the tune of hypocritical sewers open onto me. Do you have a contemptuous smile? You probably have one, maybe, because, you know I might not come out in the open.

Why hypocritical sewers! Why would anyone direct a notorious personal jibe when they themselves sing along, eat along and live along with such fine people. Ain’t they good? Ain’t they beautiful? Ain’t they human enough to interact with?

I have come a long way. I have cried. I have broken down. I have rebelled. I have been put through what you’ve probably imagined. But. You simply cannot break me. I have emerged out of this. Victorious. Why victorious if you care to ask? Victorious because I stood by what I believed in, what I rebelled for and what I always spoke out loudly. Man enough to not let a beautiful soul betrayed. My principles.

There seems to be this notorious enmity with me. My thoughts. My job. My overall well being. My happiness. But. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Pity me! Still? Pity your thoughts.

I am an optimist and I wish you all the good. I do not want any more jibes or pokes or taunts, anymore the rest of my life.

I am what I write. I rest my case.

Your move!!

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5 thoughts on “Pity You, Man!

  1. suvarna danish shah

    Superb! Facing our insecurities , addressing all our fears and accepting our flaws , having strong faith that one day we will.overcome all of them, without indulging in self pity and refusing to let others sympathise with us …. being optimist , thinking positive is so so beautiful!!

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