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My Power: Word Power

My Power: Word Power

Why is freedom of speech required? Why are people so against it? Why are there journalists shunning Charlie Hebdo when it was nominated for an award? What a shame? Is it all about the glamour world? Is there no value for courageous journalism? Is there no room for authors who write gutsy books? Why are bloggers being killed around the globe?




So much of hue and cry. Preposterous.


Every time I feel like writing about the spineless government or the corrupt officials or the local goons, I need to think twice. What if they attack my family? What if they kill me? I wouldn’t care but my family would, my girlfriend would, my friends would.


I write something, they kill me. I am gone. My words are still there. These idiots never understand that. If someone writes about a procession which causes traffic snarls, then that person is deemed anti-social. If someone writes about people spitting on the road, they are asked if the roads belong to their dad. If someone writes against terrorists, the individual is killed in cold blood.


Is this how deteriorated people’s minds are? I write anger because there are things which infuriate me. No one can write good things about something really bad. I can probably have 10 cups of coffee to think about writing something good about a post on people spiting on the road. But I cannot. People should not spit on the road.


Enough of the fear. Take out your pens and write highly inflammable posts. Write to make a point. Write so that it hits the person you’ve aimed at real deep. Make a mark.


If your actions speak louder than my words then remember this one thing for the rest of your life, my pen is mightier than your sword



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20 thoughts on “My Power: Word Power

  1. Kamini Kamthe

    The anger is seen. Freedom of expression is a joke now and all of us are suffering.. Hope to see more o such posts with examples.. All the best..

  2. Riddhi J

    Finally!! I thought you are done with BackPunch. Please write goksman.. Allow ur readers to enjoy the word power u have.. u r he superhero, and ur power is words.

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