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Reactions which gave us Goosebumps

Just like our readers say that Back Punch manages to to give them goosebumps, in the same fashion even you guys give us the same. Here are a few reactions which actually made us feel good about ourselves. More to follow:

Idea Courtesy: Catherine Xavier


1. Kamini Kamthe on Let’s Get Raped:

Rent your brain for a day,
I shall never hit the hay.For I shall only play,
Just for those words which lay.From where! From where do you get such outrageous titles and then make people fall in love with it.
Today i have actually realised you as a human being. You’ll make people like you and then you’ll show them how bad you are and then make them fall in love with you and then they’ll never regret that. This reflects in your writing all through. I hated the title The Psycho but the way you portrayed the character in the poems just made evryone fall in love with the series. There are some minor errors in the literary sense here but people will just be looking for the reason behind the title whilst reading. I loved the way you handled this Gokul.Your pen has blood stains on them, that’s where you get this guts from. Sheer guts.
2. Shrinidhi Narawane on Drops of Joy 8:

It leaves you with happy after effects and let me rest in those for a while. I would be more than happy to pay you for such mind blowing write ups G. This is what a person who goes through bouts of depression should read. Instead of going to a counselor, they should subscribe to the Drops of Joy Series. Look at this, anyone who has had a high and dry day will easily smile once they read this. Haven’t we seen the Happiness is…..posts on Facebook.
You make life feel so good. Thanks a ton. You are an inspiration.


3. Kamini Kamthe on Drops of Joy 8:

The best one to come out of the Drops of Joy series after the horrible 7th one. The kind of transition from LGR to The sacred affair and now to this makes me wonder the kind of changes your mind goes through. You are kind of making your mark not only in the light hearted stuff but also the mind blowingly serious ones. This website actually is a symbol of what New Generation India Writing is all about and you are the apt definition for it. This may or may not be a great piece of writing in the literary world but it definitely leaves a smile on the faces of anyone who reads it. Goosebumps!!


4. Dr. Veni Iyer on Drops of Joy 8:

Truth be said. There have been times I go into my mailbox and forcefully refresh it to see if there is a post from Back Punch. your stories fill me in with positivity and happiness that i just cannot thank you enough for it. When i see a patient dying at the hospital and there is nothing much we can do earlier i used to come home and just sit and wonder about the helplessness. Now that load is way too less because of such posts and the other ones from the drops of joy series. Drops of Joy. That name itself is so positive. You are truly an inspiration. Just cannot thank you enough.


5. Catherine Xavier on Marching Ahead:

Imagine this. The next time when some parent googles porn I really hope that ypur site comes up and they read this. Let this be an eye opener. I hope you have an idea how big the porn industry is in the USA. The maximum amount of pedophiles are also here. Depressing. Kids are lured by those torturous pop ups. They never intentionally do such things. What a way to include a scientist, a poet and a freedom fighter in the same line. That is hard hitting enough. If they do not hear the names of such greats, it would rather be good if they do not come out of the womb at all. You have all the prayers Punch.


6. Sanskriti Verma on Riots in the Galli:

Look at the minute portrayal of things. You are so amazing. The neighbour, the sensex, the orphanage, the galli, the policeman. Each of these are literally characters with a say in it. I sometimes felt that you were good at poems but after reading this and the previous post, all I have to say is that you are a different breed altogether, that of a born writer, might have told this a million times but you are good G. How small is your world? All you do is come on this site, post and vanish. Its sometimes good if you interact with your readers because you have genuine following now. The comments are also from the same people. Thanks for making me fall in love with reading again. Thanks to your good writing.


7. Sagarika Unnithan on D(r)ug his own Grave:

I have been working with a drug rehabilitation center and believe me these are the cases I get to see. Not as worse as this. I can definitely recommend this to be shared with the friends and relatives of such addicts. You have captured the minute details quite magnificently. A little more depth wouldn’t have been too much to ask for. Nevertheless, wonderful piece on a topic really close to my heart. Hence I would strongly say that this is the best unofficial account I have read. Good job. God bless. You are a good writer.


8. Sneha Menon on Happy Birthday:

Write it again, I shall read it again.
I can keep reading each of ur blog posts a million times. They are so crystal clear. You never beat around the bush to showcase the message. You tell it bluntly and straight to the point. Inspiring in every way and top notch as per writing standards.
Wishing Arundhati Roy all the happiness.
She must be happy to know one day that one Mr. Nair is silently spreading joy and positivity through a website which has her imprint.


9. Sulochana Achary on The Sleepless Mornings:

For the first time ever I have seen illiteracy posted in such a fashion. I mean it requires sheer talent to write about such a sensitive topic in such a fashion. I could see the cab driver. I could look into his eyes. I could see him search for alphabets. How could you portray the man in so splendidly? I am sorry if the appreciation is going a little too high but you know you switch on these channels and all you see is negative news. Even the news channels have no hope and they instill no hope into the minds of its viewers. And here you have one Back Punch who is portraying all this negative aspects of our country with so much hope and optimism that people like us should salute you. This is real good writing. Real good. The last few lines just made me go AWE!!!!


10. Kamini Kamthe on The Psycho IX:

A lazy saturday morning, your phone beeps and you find a an email from Back Punch.For Tantra (The Psycho) she has grown like a pine,
Let her be there on cloud nine,
For its high time.Cracking the Punch Code: Hit the hay simply means that she is off to sleep.Gokul, fraction of a whole. Where the heck do you get these words from? And follow it up with a nonetheless. You are well read for sure. Of the many series i have read on this site and other blog and wordpress accounts, let me assure you of one thing, The Psycho series stands out. Although this series had one or two absolutely horrible posts but the good ones were so brilliant that the words and lines from them just linger in your mind and just stay there. The most powerful weapon you possess is that of Choice of Words. Every writer or poet has a wonderful flow of thoughts, imagination, creativity and then the portrayal of all of the above but if the words they use are absolutely tasteless, then they are a failure. That’s where you score. Choice of words. Only a good reader can be a good writer. You will go long for sure. As the good old folks say, “Let there be light. Let there be light.”
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