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Religion (Migrants) Humanity

The world is finally awakening when a little boy is washed ashore, dead.

Everyone witnessed a flurry of the “SAVE GAZA” posts when Israel was bombing the Gaza Strip. Every person from a particular religion sympathized. People were blaming Israel. People were accusing the US of A for turning a blind eye towards this.

Why not now?

Why isn’t anyone thanking the Europe? When the rich Arab world shut its doors on the Syrian refugees, they are flocking to Europe. And surprisingly powerhouses like Germany and Austria have welcomed a considerable amount of these migrants with open arms. Every news article we see has this headline,  Germany will ‘WELCOME’ 800,000 migrants by the end of 2015.

The whole point of the ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other religious terror outfits is to make Islam the sole religion. And now, nations with a Muslim majority refuse to take people from their own religion. Instead the Jews and the Christians are giving them a roof. Even Turkey is. The problem here is not religion. The problem here is the understanding of one’s own religion.

BBC graphic

In the above image, the United Kingdom is absent and that’s good. They have suffered from this migrant crisis because it is genuinely tough to distinguish between an individual escaping a political crisis and an economic crisis. The UK has seen a good amount of people reaching out to them only for the benefits. That is all. Everyone wants a good life after all. Someone from a dilapidating country like Syria, an economically blown out nation like Eritrea or the terror struck Afghanistan.

Hasn’t the US of A taken enough Iraqis. Of course they bombed the nation and other human rights violations happened in the Iraqi cells, but they did take a good number of Iraqis and Afghans. For one last time, they should take Syrians as well and let’s hope that people from the Islamic nations stop their chants of, “To Hell with Jews, To Hell with America.”

Religion is a complicated issue. A glance into some of BBC’s documentaries on ISIS makes you wonder the technological reach they have. Their presence on social media is disturbing. As soon as a Facebook account is opened from one of their target nations (eg. UK, France, etc.) under an Islamic name, he/she receives a friend request. Females are whom they aim for. And shockingly there have been plenty of females from affluent backgrounds taking the terror route to become a Jihadi Bride.

For all these Europeans travelling to the ISIS struck nations, there is a larger number of local people making a dangerous trip to seek refuge in Europe.

Some for a better life. Some for the benefits. And there will be some with a radical mindset. Europe needs to be careful. Every person has the right to practice their religion but not enforce it on someone else.

Sitting in a safe nation and rambling my thoughts online is relatively easy. But it is OK to stay back and fight for your nation.

The only one thing the migrants had to do while leaving their nation was to gift a copy of the Qu’ran to these terrorists. The Prophet hasn’t preached what they are practising. Those idiots are stuck with the wrong copy because ISIS, when reversed, is SISI (read: sissy).

And here’s concluding this post with what John Lennon had to say,”“I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.”



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10 thoughts on “Religion (Migrants) Humanity

  1. kalimur ashfaq khan

    u knw nothing about our religion. no christian no jew guy knows. we are the ultimate religion. isis is bad and not right for islam but Prophet, may peace be upon him, is the only god and all of us are his slaves

  2. marcos menezes

    even i have been wondering about the migrants from eritrea, in such cases the honesty and the genuineity of the migrants cannot be ascertained.i hope isis do not hack ur blog over that second last para

  3. Cathy Xavier

    This has to be the most controversial post to come up on BackPunch. I have been following the trends backend and till the 19th Sep 2015 10:00PM MST there have been 350,211 views and just about 15% of that from India. My experience suggests that people are plain refraining from commenting or make their presence felt.
    Kudos to the guts!!

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