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Romancing the Books

And then she cleaned her bookshelf for the seventh time in one day. It was a Saturday noon. The weekend had finally arrived after five days of pleasure at work.Yesterday she had to go with Roy to an awful nightclub right after work.


She thought of cleaning the bookshelf. Browsing through her own collection of books again and again was hilarious but Tantra loved doing that.

Picking one from the shelf, opening it and smelling the book thoroughly. It was a drug. She could easily distinguish between a pirated one and an original one. The pirated one never gave the addictive smell hence she never purchased or accepted one as a gift.


Accepting a pirated one was disrespect for the love she had for books.


She never had a library membership. The only reason being that she loved owning a book rather than take it on rent and give it back within a stipulated time. She loved savoring the book page by page. Travel with the characters.


Hence she is in a relationship with every single book.


Sometimes with the characters, sometimes with the author or sometimes just with the book itself. It’s one thing she enjoyed.


She never exchanged or gave her books to the scrap vendor just because a parent would never give their kid to an orphanage.

And it started raining. She quickly ran, made some tea, grabbed her book from her dustless bookshelf, sat by the window and started to read.


P.S.[So any of you readers have books which you no longer need/want feel free to leave your comments and we’ll  be more than happy to adopt them and provide them a shelter]
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