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A Shadow of Motherly Proportions

There are some images which grip your mind and untangle the filtered thoughts. This image has made my mind lighter. An unknown photographer captured this image of a mother, a roadside vendor. And her child.

Their smiles. Infectious. Isn’t it?

The Click

Her eyes show the grit in her mind. Rusty grit. And the shadow her smile casts on the child is beyond brilliant. A shadow of motherly proportions. Such is the shadow that the scars on the child’s mind are nowhere to be felt. I assume there may be scars. The pearls from behind the lips of the child also cast a spell. The broadest smile the child could have ever given.

Both of their dusty hair gives you a rare feeling of exuberance.

She definitely strikes a pose and not a stereotypical smile for the camera but a smile which succeeds in touching your heart. A young lady enjoying her motherhood and clutching her baby tight. That grip is enough for the child to give that smile. A smile of motherly proportions.

Cheers to the spirited Indian women.

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