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She Moved II

She moved,

Amidst the ghost stories,

On the silent road,

Go past the speeding trucks.


She saw a man stand afar and stare,

Put he, his hands on his hips,

She walked and never felt to dare,

And he slowly moved his hands to his lips.


He confronted,

Away she moved,

He threatened,

She still moved.


Stood she on the highway,

Her sole companion being darkness,

She could think of no way,

Prayed she to steal away her loneliness.


And one more penetration,

Into her thoughts,

His final act of desperation,

She so bravely fought.


He held,

She unheld,

He smiled,

She looked at him, startled.


He gently grabbed her,

With no music,

They danced,

And she moved away from the days she lay paralyzed.


He unmasked,

Roy he was,

She startled,

As Tantra she was.



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14 thoughts on “She Moved II

  1. Kamini Kamthe

    This disappoints. I would love lambasting you here but this is plain disappointing. You have tried putting in emotions but it just doesn’t pan out well. The hips-lips stanza is undoubtedly brilliant but you have faltered at very many places and that is really a shock.

  2. rinu mantri

    i dont get it.. probably the high fi language or the continuation.. in the literary sense it might be huge but i jut did not understand a tiny bit. 🙁

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