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She Moved

She Moved. She Moved.


She Moved like that breeze gently caressing her hair. She Moved like the keys on a piano playing a soulful track. She Moved just like the color on her lips change when she applies gloss.


She Moved.
She Moved like never before.
She Moved.


She Moved with the grace of a butterfly alighting on a flower. She Moved like an accomplished dancer’s grace. She Moved like her hair spread across, once untied, with a coconutty smell filling the air.
She Moved like lips gently rubbing against her partner’s during their first lip lock.

She Moved. She Moved.


Oh my God! She Moved.


She Moved in the way her body tickles when he rubs his hand on her back. She Moved like the water from the shower trickling down her neck to the navel. She Moved like the thoughts which went past her mind when she controlled her fantasies. She Moved.


She Moved like the final piece of attire leaving her body.


She Moved in pain when the oncologist felt the cysts in her breasts


She Moved. She finally Moved out of the bed.


She Moved without support. She Moved on her legs and not on a wheelchair. She Moved. After several bouts of chemotherapy She finally Moved.



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31 thoughts on “She Moved

  1. radha velayudhan

    How in God’s name can you write such things? The way you have come up to breast cancer with a pinch of eroticism is mind blowing..

    1. Shrinidhi Narawane

      So u basically comment for the sake of it.
      1. This post very beautifully showcases the sensual side of a female in a very beautiful and poignant fashion.
      2. One of the very few times light-erotica touches your heart and this magnificently does it.
      3. Sensuousness is not vulgarity.
      4. Watching/reading porn is vulgarity, drooling at girls is vulgarity, eve teasing them is vulgarity.
      5. This post is not vulgar.

          1. mithun

            to an innately boring start to an erotic midway and an ultra boring ending this post sucked to the core. What does eroticism have to do with cancer? either write erotica or write about cancer awareness. The day this guy wrote that lets get raped, i lost faith in him and this just re-affirms my thoughts. backpunch just lost a religious follower just because of this absolutely nonsensical post. Just because u r a writer does not give u the privilege to publish utter crap!

        1. Nidhi

          Darn!! those are some real harsh words.. I hope you know you are talking about the person who gave you something like Drops of Joy & The Diva.. Weird world.. People dont understand the magic behind words and start shunning.. Shame on u mithun!!

  2. aditi rajpurohit

    This does have shades of erotica!! Wow!! Who executes shades of erotica like this.. coconutty air, mallu style.. This is the first time i found a coconut sexy.. Dude try more, even more intense

  3. Sneha Menon

    Removing her clothes for the doctor. What a fantastic connection. Absolutely brilliant flow but this could have been much much much better!

  4. Kamini Kamthe

    The narration and the handling of the extremely sensitive topic that of the female sensuality is fabulous. the cyst made me realise that this is what backpunch is. the surprises. Could hav been better but brave effort

  5. Nishi

    This post is not at all vulgar. I thought you took back punch to another level ( eroticism) but when I read d end of the post got to know what is it all about..LOVE it.

  6. Aditi

    Mr Mithun,
    It has always been amusing to read your comments. Firstly, to create a post of this level requires talent and understanding. It is a very sensitive topic to write about and to have handled it with such ease and grace, I applaud the author. Secondly, if you lost faith in backpunch after the lets get raped series, you should have stopped following us immediately. I suggest you do that now. I think we can survive well if we lose a ‘religious’ follower like you.
    Thirdly, whether the author can publish a particular post or not is not decided by you.
    I sincerely suggest you understand the post before commenting, that is of course, if you decide to continue following the blog.

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