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BackPunch : Since 2013

BackPunch has not come a long way. Two years is not a long time. Spreading joy is not an easy job. Injecting positivity is an not a simple task. Amidst all the social issues, we did try to keep the readers engaged with some poems which kind of backfired at least amongst the close circle of readers. We do not have a huge reader base but surely have an engaging one. Incredibly and brutally honest feedback is what we receive.

We have had a series of debates right on BackPunch hence we never pushed for the life of our Facebook page until recently. Surprisingly some readers are not even active on Facebook as much.

We have decided that the poems from now on will only be socially relevant and not otherwise. All of such poems have been pulled back, but The Unprotected Child will be re-published.

We also have something new coming up. Looks interesting to us. We hope to have an equal impact as this caters to an even larger audience. BackPunch is nothing great. Just another guy trying to blog and express his thoughts. Just another blogger trying to make something worthy out of the Internet. Just another writer who thinks he’s good at what he does. Just another Indian who feels the society will at least stop and listen to what he wants to say. Has he made any difference? Has he done any good? Can writing ever make an impact? Yes. It surely can.

We will always believe in freedom of speech and will keep expressing it through either sarcasm or straight forward. We prefer sarcasm. Makes things easier.

Once a wise man said,”Freedom of speech should be just that, a freedom to write and a freedom to speak. To live in a world without that would be like living in a house without windows or watching a television without a signal.”

We will keep doing this. We do not have undercover reporters to do this. We do not have budgets to promote this. We survive with the readers we have.

BackPunch will deal with a lot more serious topics and will surely try to get deep into the problems affecting today’s world and bring out the positives from those.

And we would like to end this post with a quote we firmly believe in. The whole of it. Every single word.

“I am not afraid of retaliation. I have no kids, no wife, no car, no credit. It perhaps sounds a bit pompous, but I prefer to die standing than living on my knees.”

-Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier.


Read. Write. Prosper. Live. Love. Travel.


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19 thoughts on “BackPunch : Since 2013

  1. natasha

    i love u, so humble, we we we, we all know its only u handling this brilliant backpunch.. keep goin strong, the respect will only increase

  2. maya fernandes

    you are a guiding light, a philosopher and a role model to many people, both young and old. the stories and poems you put across dwell in our minds for long.. they are ever lasting. every word on this blog has magic to it and touches us so endearingly. love the way u write and love the way u selflessly are spreading the word without expecting anything in return..

    Love Respect..
    Maya Ferno

  3. Harini Malhotra

    After reading this article I’m reminded of a line I have seen somewhere and its so true in ur case.. Sarcasm gives u Orgasm.

    I mean it in a very gud way.

  4. Aruna Rehal

    always been a fa of such kind of writing. people think it’s pointless but they always fail to pick up the power and the emotions hidden between the lines

  5. Anonymous

    You need to go out comrade. This is good stuff. Need to reach more people. People like you need a voice. You hedge lots to say and this is the only place you’ve got. I’ll find people to pump in more funds .

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