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Technological Retardation

(Inspired from Various Sources, Original Content)

The new layers of technological inventions have started trickling in the market. It keeps dropping by, every week or probably every day. Sometimes we feel, we are working to own the latest version of iPhone or the iPad or the most advanced windows/android phone.

Is that what the value of our hard earned money has come down to? Shaking hands have come down to people reaching out their pockets and removing their phones to exhibit. Shake that damn hand.




Let that device run out of battery. Talk to your parents. Do not wait for the mobile phone to be discharged.

Let’s not restrict ourselves to the 5-inch screen. The surroundings are infinite. Your friend next to you emits more brightness when he/she smiles than your phone could ever handle. Your eyes capture better moments than the camera on your phone. Your mind can store more memories than the storage space on your device.

Look above. Look away from your phone. The clouds have gathered. They are making artistic formations. Check Facebook later. Your friend would not chide you if you reply to his/her WhatsApp message a minute late. No one really cares when your last seen was. Invest in the people around you. The thing in your hand, as you very well know, is a dead investment. Go to a coffee shop. Do not look into your phone. Let the phone vibrate. Let there be a couple of missed calls. The phone in your pocket is short-lived, you’d replace that as soon as an upgraded one is available in the market but not the person sitting in front of you. Don’t fall prey to technological retardation.

There have been instances where people prefer the care and attention through WhatsApp from a new individual seen a couple of times and forget the ones been there in difficult times. Is that hurtful? Of course, it is. How can one stay in touch via Facebook or WhatsApp? You see them change profile pictures and update statuses every day. Is that all required to catch up with your friend?

Streamlining a wave of new generation friends. Can they really be one’s friends or just an ever-changing trend?

Be human. Technology has many levels. It keeps going up and our level of humanity keeps going down.

Humanity has only one level. Don’t go levels lower and demean yourself.

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12 thoughts on “Technological Retardation

  1. jenny

    Hii bumped into ur site when of my frnds shared a link to the Syrian migrants issue. Was intense. This kind of writing is good I mean to say technologically retard is a good post. People generally stay away frm religious n political issues from their blog n n kp it rather simple. U took a risk. Even nw I’m commenting about that post here cos I don’t have guts to even write anything there. That’s not a news article. It’s a damn opinion and maybe it maybe the truth. I have immense respect for ur works mister. Both have blown my mind. The Syrian one is one good one which the EU must read. Cheers to this post as well

    1. zeeshan

      helo jen, there are various aspects to it. the post wasnt that comforting to our religion, im an islam btw, i liked that post only because it had an important message

  2. bernie patrickson

    few of the paragraphs are diligently relatable. and technologically retarded means a person who has no sense of the technology. here the sarcasm is known.. lol.. despite there being no sarcasm in the body u managed to sneak in ur dose of sarcasm in the title itself..

  3. Shrinidhi Narawane

    Not as much bang on as the stripper one. something weak in the backpunch style climax this time but some really good lines in between, overall i would give it 7/10

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