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Thank You Readers.

Thanks for the overwhelming response on all the posts. The response on Let’s Get Raped was surprisingly huge. Humbled!! We have had some heated arguments on both Let’s Get Raped and The Unprotected Child Returns. That shows how involved some of you are with Back Punch.

#Let’s Get Raped 2 should be up in a while.
#The Psycho XI is almost ready.
#There will be a new female character joining the stories and all of you will love her for sure.


Far away in South Africa, Nelson Mandela fought against Racial Discrimination. We join the millions around the globe and rather celebrate his life than mourn his death.

People like him are there in India. They seldom get the attention. Not that they need but such people should at least be recognised.

A big salute to all those people.

Happy Reading because a book makes you good ‘high’ than gallons of alcohol can ever do.

Let the words engulf each one of you.

Stay Blessed,

Read. Share. Read.

19 thoughts on “Thank You Readers.

  1. Shalini Rudrasen

    Those low key writes who stay far away and make an impact and touch hearts. You belong to that breed. Blessed you shall be too.

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|| BACK PUNCH | Injecting Positivity | Spreading Joy
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