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The Ancestral Damage

Disclaimer: The surnames mentioned do not fall into ‘a’ specific category. Read. Reciprocate.
“I mean who cares. Fuck the world! Bring it on dude, I just want to get sloshed. Dude I studied like Einstein and sacrificed my seat for some reserved category idiot just because one of my ancestors tortured one of his ancestors.” Roy missed the first list by a whisker. He passed out his B.E. with a distinction. He gave the CET to get into an A Grade Management Institute but misses it. He scored a 187/200 and surprisingly a Tuffy Singh gets through the first list after scoring a ravishing 102/200.


Tantra does a mistake by mentioning the great Arjun Singh’s name, “Don’t you mention his name. God made a mistake, He created Arjun Singh. The Indian system made a mistake, made him the HRD Minister. Is that Tuffy related to that dead old man by any chance?” Tantra didn’t really care. She got through the first list but she felt bad for her friend.


 “You’ll get through the next list dude. Stop over acting”
“Sorry. Do you think I’m overacting? It’s a matter of pride to see your name in the first list and some snob gets through and I am kept waiting for some stupid second list.”


Tantra turned towards the dude Roy was referring to. It was Tuffy. They were best friends. The reservation system syndrome had never hit Roy so hard that he started abusing Tuffy. Tuffy came from a well to do family.
He never studied hard enough to get through the entrance. He always knew that he had to just put in 50% of the efforts which Roy put in. It had been a joy ride for Tuffy during his engineering admissions and now the management procedure as well. He had the Caste Certificate. The short cut ticket which cut his hard work into half. Roy realized this only after he went through the first list and had the shock of his life. Caste never disrupted their friendship.


Caste might not have disrupted the friendship but did disrupt Roy’s meritorious career. He cared a damn about a friend who considered swiping an ‘ancestral blackmail’ to become an MBA. Tuffy felt sad for Roy but never knew he would react in such a way.


The reservation system in India has been a joke. It has existed in a similar fashion just like the Gandhi family existed and kept sprouting obnoxious weeds like Varun Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Merit is a joke. Every educational institute has half of its seats reserved. OBC’s, SC’s, ST’s, NT’s and every year a new category gets reserved. 50%. Imagine those numbers. Even after 60 years of independence we still haven’t managed to do anything for these so called categories.  People like Roy are victims when vote bank politics ventures into the education system.


Surprisingly the late Arjun Singh had 3 different caste certificates under his name. So admission via one of the reserved category is assured for his grand children.


Reservations will exist till Mayavati and her BSP, Congress and its Racial Politics, BJP and its juvenile suggestions thrive in our country. Let’s hope the obnoxious weeds grow into ecologically friendly trees and bring some sense into the Indian System.
Meanwhile all the 60 seats were filled. There wasn’t a second list. Roy was jailed for a week for writing a hate post against a dead man. He got through a different management institute and now earns more than Tuffy.

Merit finally won.



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16 thoughts on “The Ancestral Damage

  1. Marcos Menezes

    Perfect one to post. Dude the words, the style is beyond remarkable. Great work. Nostalgia really. Re-edit and post the others as well. What a joy to read !!!!

  2. Sanskriti

    This comes out with sheer vengeance. Gokul, what a way to show your anger on this archaic system. Superb. You have it in you man. You are going to be big.

  3. Catherine Xavier

    So behind those words there is vengeance, anger, fury and bloody bloody guts. Here the magic of Back Punch is there in every paragraph of yours hence it matches upto the standards of your last couple of paragraphs. A writer should have courage, determination and the power to transform his expressions of thoughts into words, you have that.

  4. Bernadette Patrickson

    Readin the flow of it, imagine a drop of tear coming out of the eye just because of sheer anger. There are no Indians, Americans. There are only humans.. Human beings..
    Loved this one.

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