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The Bits I

The Smoking Bit

She grabbed her cigarette box and pulled out the last one from it.


Mystiqua was a chain smoker.


Some blamed her group of friends.


Some her work pressure and some blamed her.


She stood on the terrace and blew out circles of smoke.


She walked inside.


She sat on the couch.


Held her stomach.


The baby kicked.


She was 26 weeks pregnant.



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21 thoughts on “The Bits I

    1. Aditi

      Hello Reena,
      Appreciate your honesty, but I urge you to reread the older posts that in your opinion have the ‘rytness to be made in bits’. Some of them are moderate, but all of them have a meaning to them 😊

  1. Dimitriy Garsons

    Been a while we haven not folloowed..

    goood story.. Something which emilie did. I managed to open backpunch whenever you write stories similar to my sister.

  2. sneha menon

    never been a fan of short stories which deliver a message, it takes time to convince people. Maybe the last line is great but overall not good

  3. kirti

    what crap is this??
    i get it but hey its ok to smoke. habits die hard. you should start smoking and then try quitting it. its not that easy. its obviously easy to sit on a fuckin laptop and type but not that easy to quit.

    1. Aditi

      Hi Kirti!
      It is not okay to smoke, yes, habits die hard and it is NOT obviously easy to write a blog.
      I don’t think one has to start smoking and then try quitting it to understand how ‘habits die hard ‘. Other annoying, but less self destructive habits do exist that give the same feel 😊

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