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The Characters

Back Punch has it’s own set of characters who have made their presence felt since 2009.

Here is a brief introduction of them:


The strong, ambitious female you come across who always has a helpful and a rebellious nature at the same time. She is the independent female, far from being a romantic but with a penchant for the minutest details in life. She is an all round optimist.


Roy is just the masculine form of Tantra. He has a vision for a better society, people’s happiness and optimism.


A name inspired from the social activist from Pakistan, Mukthar Mai. Mukthar is that dependent but determined female who keeps making appearances in the lives of Tantra and Roy.


Tuffy is that spoilt brat you find in any group. He is a good friend of Tantra and Roy’s. Earning money is his only ambition in life laced with alcohol and drugs.


Nihar is that ordinary guy who fills in the shoes when no character suits that story the best.

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|| BACK PUNCH | Injecting Positivity | Spreading Joy
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