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The Cowardly Throw

Sasha had the looks of a supermodel. She was a pretty straightforward female. She had a great dressing sense. Mukfiya and Sasha were thick friends. They used to travel by the local everyday.Bina_column2_PHOTO

There was a guy who always stalked Sasha. He used to ogle Sasha for the entire stretch of their travel. Both Sasha and Mukfiya tried their level best to get into the ladies compartment.


Sasha mentioned about this to Roy and he usurped information from his journalist friends about the stalker. He was Tuffy Singh, a notorious flirt. After 4 weeks of non-stop stalking he finally approached Sasha and expressed. She turned down the offer before he could complete himself.


Tuffy Singh raised his voice and called out her name as soon as she turned and started to walk. Mukfiya confronted him and warned him to stop this to save himself some time.

Three of Roy’s journalist friends were keeping a check on Tuffy. One of them, Nihar, saw Tuffy purchase a bottle from a General Store. As soon as he left the store, Nihar ran towards the store and enquired about Tuffy’s purchase.


It was acid.


He called up Roy. Roy informed Mukfiya and Sasha about the same. They were petrified. Roy had arranged for something. Tuffy was to reach the railway station in 20 minutes.

Tantra started following Tuffy. Right behind him, she could see the two girls sitting on a bench, waiting for the train. Tantra noticed Tuffy putting his hand into the plastic bag and turning his palm.

He started to open the bottle.

Those were just Tantra thoughts; he was still holding the bag. She charged towards him and snatched the bag.

He was taken aback and yelled out of fear. Sasha and Mukfiya came running towards them. Tantra opened the bottle. The onlookers were shocked to see fumes coming out of the bottle. Tantra obviously had no intentions of throwing the acid at him but just to make him aware of the sin he would have done she poured some acid with a distance of a few centimeters around his leg. He leaped afar because of the intense heat and was then overpowered by the public.

He was handed over to the police.

This is a bailable offence because he just had intentions to throw the acid on Sasha’s face.

He didn’t throw it.

Sasha still lives in fear.

Such liquids are freely available in the market. Any jilted casanova can purchase this and ruin a girl’s face for life.

He approaches a female, she turns down the offer. He earlier used to commit suicide. That’s passé. Such males have now become more senseless. If he approaches the female and she turns him down, he scars her face for life. He ensures that if he can’t get her, no one should get her. It’s indeed saddening to listen to such stories often. The acid might steal away her beauty but if she survives, the dreams can never be snatched away.

She still looks like a supermodel. She still has a great dressing sense. She remains the courageous Indian woman. She, Sasha, still travels by the same train.



[P.S. This post is dedicated to the 23 year old Preeti Rathi who succumbed to her injuries in May 2013 after an unidentified attacker threw acid on her. May her soul RIP.]

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2 thoughts on “The Cowardly Throw

  1. Marcos Menezes

    And a humane twist again, impressive. The little thoughts at the end of each story you give is getting better. Keep Writing.
    God Bless.

  2. Mithun Kurien

    Fuck!! Never expected that twist. I sincerely hope that u r a person who practices what he writes and propagates through this site. I would have wanted her to snatch that bottle and throw over his face. Humane!!!!

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