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The Feminine Stamp

A Reader Submitted Original

Edited and Additional Inputs by Back Punch


”Stand up!! you have been very talkative nowadays. I have been receiving complaints against you from other teachers. Surprisingly, you used to be the most silent boy in the class.” Our class  teacher had caught me talking to


the girl sitting next to me. She had already given me a warning during her lecture. ”That girl has changed this boy totally,” she sighed, the whole class burst into laughter.

My class teacher, Mrs. Rathod was absolutely right. That girl had indeed changed me from a shy, introvert and most silent boy into the most talkative boy in class.
As it is said ”behind every successful man there is a woman’s touch”. Here, the woman had not made me into a successful, famous personality, instead she made me realize that talking to people is necessary. In this world where networking is essential for strong relations amongst people, talking to people is the key factor in order to understand them for building such a strong network, irrespective if its a man or a woman.

I was an average studious guy, who used to keep his world of ‘people’ to certain limits. I always had a selected few friends, never mingled with anyone and found it difficult interacting with strangers. As this was my nature, it was obvious that my friend circle consisted of few guys I used to know from childhood.
The world of women was only restricted to my mother, aunts and my cousin sisters. I never had the courage to interact with girls and make friends with them, not even classmates.

I used to have a crush on some girls in school, but feared to initiate the talking, didn’t know how to mingle with them and also, if rejected, I would have become the point of laughter. Thus keeping girls in my social circle was difficult.

I always wondered what could possibly be the reason I was unable to connect to the only creation of god to whom the greatest of the great kings have lost their kingdoms to. A ‘woman’ is a man’s most irrevocable weakness. Something I never had tested, and should have been proud of.

That girl cracked opens my cocoon and made me confident enough to fly high in the open world. It’s been 8 years since 10th, but I have never been able to meet her even once to thank her. Thanks to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, atleast I could continue as her friend on a social networking site.

She was like a God sent oasis in an endless desert, who quenched my thirst and hunger for being a social animal. I always wondered since then, a simple girl with her charming and friendly nature had made a huge difference in my life.

Women can do wonders. It’s high time that we men stop believing that we are the numero uno in this globe and women are just toys for our pleasure. Without women, men are incomplete, like yin and yang, like a body without blood. They have proved time and again that they can achieve greater heights in all walks of life. It still hurts when in a mixed economy and biggest democracy like India, women are treated like dirt. Even with so much education, the society has not accepted the dignity and the ability of women. The news of sexual abuse, girl-child abortion still lingers like ghosts in our society.

At the end, my transformation from a shy boy to a gentleman was because of a girl.

Because when women leave a stamp, they leave it for life.


(N.B.: This story is an original written by one of our readers who doesn’t wish to be named. As mentioned by the person, when he contacted us, this is a true story. The person will be sharing this link with the female as a form of gratitude. The person now leads an active social life.)

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4 thoughts on “The Feminine Stamp

  1. Bernadette Patrickson

    Before I evn start off, let me guess, the last para is your work. That Back Punch touch is so so known. Beautiful. I actually wantd that in Dear Dad as well cos its like without that last snippet of urs the story seems unfinished. This is an ok one cos i felt like i kinda lost flow in the middle and then the last 4 paras were good. Guest posts are good, people who like writing will get a chance and Mr. Punch when the heck will the continuation for Thinking Diva come out??

  2. Wonga Quarry

    Thank you for another magnificent article. Where else may anyone get that type of information in such a perfect means of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such info.

  3. Mithun Kurien

    Seems like a story of love lost and then coming of age. Loved the title though and the last two-three paragraphs. The conclusion is pretty strong but i felt that the core body wasnt supportive enough. This is my personal opinion. As mentioned by you this is a guest post so might probably be from a new person who tried writing first time. Good attempt.

  4. Marcos Menezes

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I somewhat feel that the character in this story and The Locked Door series are the same. That anti-social nature is evident. Truth be said, if I can remember and can relate the characters then it actually shows that what a good work you are doing. The characters are living in the minds of the readers. Good job.

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