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The Final Goodbye 1

Thinking about those good old days, a smile came up on her face. Her friend was leaving the city and going for good. Tantra was happy for him. She obviously had other friends but none were as special as Tuffy.



She had coaxed him to live in this city for a few more years. But he didn’t budge. He had made up his mind. It wasn’t easy for Tuffy either. He had made friends for life but both knew that once they were far away, they’d find new people and life would just move on.


To tell each other to stay in touch was easy but it obviously takes some effort from both sides to stay in touch. Both had their share of fights. Tantra used to force Tuffy to quit smoking. He kept ignoring. Both had a bunch of mutual friends but the one who stuck with them was Mukfiya. She was away on a ship. Tantra felt loneliness encircling her although she loved it.


Tuffy wanted to be away from her just to smoke in peace. He would miss those talks and irritating Tantra but he didn’t show it. He rather had a numb feeling. He had much better friends but he found them only whilst drinking. That disturbed him. The rest of the times he was in the sane company of people who didn’t drink or smoke with him. He found that much better. Unadulterated conversations.


But he had actually received a job close to where his parents lived. The best option for him was to move on.


Tuffy asked if she would accompany him to the airport. She denied. Tantra thought, that was the best way to end the friendship. No goodbyes. With the sole hope that he would come back soon.


Tuffy never received the goodbye he deserved.


Tantra had an entirely different approach this time around. She wanted all her friends to be around her. Long distance friendship never worked for her.


It’s been two years, Tantra hasn’t contacted Tuffy till date. Tuffy gave up getting in touch with her.


That final goodbye still remains.


To be continued….




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