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The Fire in Her Eyes

There seems to be a rebellion of sorts happening. But for him, love was always about clinging onto that girl who was extra special. He may or may not have found her, but he saw this fire in her eyes. Probably a fire of lost love. Maybe a fire to achieve some goals. Or just plain fire. But he underlined. She was extra special. Was there magic? Maybe. Was she trailblazing? Maybe.

He found this superficial mystery in her. She had a lot of words shielded in her. Waiting to bullet out. Waiting for the right time? Maybe. She had this walk of grace. The expressions of an ace and her talks had freshness at unmatchable pace. There was despair. There was joy. Above all, there was life. That life needed some love

She seemed to enjoy this new found love. She seemed ready for a potholed filled bumpy ride. Although she wanted a magical romantic story instead she got a non-linear, non-scripted, totally off-road love life.

He was wary of her eyes, though. They could either spark a revolt or unadulterated love. He swore not to allow any dew to drop out off those eyes. He wanted that fire in her eyes to always be there. That inflammable fire.

She was maybe a sculpture riddled with emotions, rebellion, cuteness or one amazing form of feminine monument.

There were so many opposites that they sounded more like optimism. Maybe opposites attract is not just a term reserved for magnets. After all, they stood there, in the cyclonic rains, hand in hand, un repelled.

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22 thoughts on “The Fire in Her Eyes

  1. Mithun

    Pretty damn good!! But good attempt with romance!! Loved the way u have described the lady in this post. There is something missing though. Maybe some more fire, what say!!

  2. saira kunte

    The gal u have written about is pretty damn lucky to be featured on this amazing blog.. Now when I recollect your earlier series of poems, this one scores high maybe cos this one has emotions. emotions right from the heart.

  3. the sarcastic pony

    Hw do i endorse you buddy! this is good and bad at the same time but the ending made me cry. Magic from a Magnet. A writer knows how to use words!! You surely do!

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